Thursday, October 03, 2013

Oct. is Homosexual Indoctrination Month at School

Every June, President Obama declares homosexual "Pride Month," but a summer month yields no recruitment opportunities in schools, so with the help of public "educators," homosexualists across the nation have declared October as "LGBT History Month."

Porn stars and transgender drag queens in the lessons

“I would like to give an invitation to everyone . . . We need support from everyone. Come out and show your support, at the same time you might learn something as well."
-- Jude Magaro, vice president of Shades of Queer, Texas A&M University
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-- From "Gay history commemoration begins" by Bradley D'Sousa, The Battalion (Texas A&M) 10/2/13

October marks the start of LGBT History Month, an appreciation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history as well as the history behind the gay rights movement. In observance of LGBT History Month, the Texas A&M GLBT Resource Center and other organizations are hosting various events as part of Coming Out Week, which starts Oct. 10.

Among the events, “The Coming Out Monologues” will he held Oct. 11 on Coming Out Day, which is dedicated to encouraging honest living in regards to gender identity and sexual orientation.

Sidney Gardner, program coordinator of the GLBT Resource Center, said Coming Out Day is meant to inspire people to be comfortable with their identity.

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From "UNL honors LGBT History Month with speakers, workshops, drag show" by Tyler Williams, Daily Nebraskan (Lincoln, NE) 10/1/13

. . . related to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is a photo display featured in the Nebraska Union’s Rotunda Gallery until Oct. 11. The display is a double feature with photos from Jeff Sheng’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and “Fearless” collections. The first collection features photos from closeted service members before the repeal of the policy in the armed forces that kept homosexuality in the military under wraps.

. . . The other exhibit displays photographs of closeted athletes who kept their sexuality hidden for fear of ridicule and rejection in their communities.

On Oct. 25, the third-annual Guys and Dolls Drag Show will take place at 7 p.m. in the union’s Centennial Room.

[Amy Vanderpool, a University of Nebraska educational psychology graduate student and the Graduate Assistant for the LGBT resource center said,] “It’s a fun, low-stress way to figure out if drag is for you,”

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From "College Gay Pride Celebrations Come Under Attack Despite Institutional Support" by Ashley Alman, The Huffington Post 10/3/13

Roger Hines, a former Georgia state legislator and retired high school teacher, had choice words for the Kennesaw State University community in a Sunday newspaper column, calling the promotion of LGBT History Month "a slap in the face" to local citizens.

"No one who has lived in Georgia for six months could be in doubt about the state's predominant culture," Hines wrote. "We aren’t Washington state, and Atlanta isn’t San Francisco either, or not yet."

Hines chastised universities for accepting state funds, then supporting the gay community.

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From "Biting the hand that feeds you: The way of academia" by Roger Hines, Cherokee Tribune (Canton, GA) 9/29/13

At issue is a great university [Kennesaw State University (KSU)] that was made great by supportive, local community leaders, the general citizenry, and thousands of tuition-paying students, many of whom will just have to endure the month of October. That university, instead of honoring the hand that has fed it, has taken a cultural stand that is anathema to those who foot its bills.

. . .

“T” is for transgender. This one makes me sad, because any way you cut it, it argues that God made a mistake. We should never be unkind to anyone who grapples with this issue, but neither should we allow a tax-supported university to tout or defend it.

“Q” is the most disturbing, not because it stands for queer, which it does, but because it also stands for “questioning.” In other words, if a 17- or 18-year-old freshman thinks his or her parents are so yesterday and has questions about his or her sexuality, KSU has answers. Or at least aid and comfort. KSU, that’s not why we have given you all these decades of support. Please get on with mathematics, history, your nursing program, etc.

. . . I will never believe that most Georgians approve of KSU or any of their other universities pressing or encouraging the gay agenda. But universities do it anyhow. It is the way of academia. They ply state legislators for funds and then foster such things as gay politics that neither state legislators nor their constituents approve of. This should cease.

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From "Parents warned about porn in schools" by Bob Unruh, World Net Daily 10/2/13

Many [K-12] schools plan to incorporate LGBT History Month into lessons.

On Oct. 18, Equality Forum will feature “Tom of Finland,” who has a foundation promoting his explicit sex images, “erotic art galleries” and “artist and museum links” that include explicit nude images.

Also featured, on the 10th, will be “Patrick Califia,” born a woman and now described as a “bisexual transman.”

“It is deeply disturbing that the organizers of LGBT History Month think our kids should be celebrating homoerotic authors and porn producers,” stated Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “This should be a serious wake-up call for anyone who still thinks gay history in schools is a good idea.”

PJI has warned parents to take immediate action to prevent their children from being blindsided this month by “explicit and highly objectionable material.”

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