Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Satan vs. God Is Supreme Court Justice's Decision

The liberal media was stunned this week by an interview with New York Magazine wherein Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a Roman Catholic, quoted the belief of his religion that Satan is real and thus deceives people today into believing that there is no God and no Devil.
Justice Scalia said to the stunned journalist, "My God! Are you so out of touch with most of America, most of which believes in the Devil? I mean, Jesus Christ believed in the Devil! It’s in the Gospels! You travel in circles that are so, so removed from mainstream America that you are appalled that anybody would believe in the Devil! Most of mankind has believed in the Devil, for all of history. Many more intelligent people than you or me have believed in the Devil."
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UPDATE 5/11/14: Pope Francis Warns of Satan; Media, Take Heed!

-- From "Could it be Satan? Scalia says yes." by Michael McGough, Los Angeles Times 10/7/13

Justice Antonin Scalia sat for a revealing interview with New York Magazine that is being variously described as “weird,” “bizarro” and proof that Scalia is a terrible man.

A lot of what Scalia has to say won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has followed his career or read his opinions. . . .

. . . Nor is it odd that a devout Roman Catholic would believe in the existence of the devil. As Scalia puts it to his incredulous interviewer: “Hey, c’mon, that’s standard Catholic doctrine! Every Catholic believes that.” (Maybe not every Catholic, but certainly Pope Francis, who wrote: “I believe that the devil exists” and “his greatest achievement in these times has been to make us believe he doesn’t exist.”)

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From "Scalia: The Devil ‘Is Getting People Not To Believe In Him Or In God’" posted at CBS News D.C. 10/7/13

Scalia noted in the interview that he believes the Devil is trying to play a trick on humanity.

“What he’s doing now is getting people not to believe in him or in God. He’s much more successful that way,” Scalia said.

Scalia added that the Devil has gotten “wilier” over the years.

“What happened to the Devil, you know? He used to be all over the place,” Scalia said. “He used to be all over the New Testament.”

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From "In Conversation: Antonin Scalia" by Jennifer Senior, New York Magazine 10/6/13

Washingtonians may know Scalia as charming and disarming, but most outsiders tend to regard him as either a demigod on stilts or a menace to democracy, depending on which side of the aisle they sit. A singularity on the Court and an icon on the right, Scalia is perhaps more responsible than any American alive for the mainstreaming of conservative ideas about ­jurisprudence—in particular the principles of originalism ­(interpreting the Constitution as the framers intended it rather than as an evolving document) and textualism (that statutes must be ­interpreted based on their words alone). . . .

[Jennifer Senior:] You believe in heaven and hell?

[Justice Scalia:] Oh, of course I do. Don’t you believe in heaven and hell?

Oh, my. . . . It doesn’t mean you’re not going to hell, just because you don’t believe in it. That’s Catholic doctrine! Everyone is going one place or the other.

Every Catholic believes [in the Devil]? There’s a wide variety of Catholics out there …

If you are faithful to Catholic dogma, that is certainly a large part of it.

. . . You’ve got grandkids. Do you feel like the Internet has coarsened our culture at all?
I’m nervous about our civic culture. I’m not sure the Internet is largely the cause of it. . . . I am glad that I am not raising kids today. And I’m rather pessimistic that my grandchildren will enjoy the great society that I’ve enjoyed in my lifetime. I really think it’s coarsened. It’s coarsened in so many ways.

Like what?
One of the things that upsets me about modern society is the coarseness of manners. You can’t go to a movie—or watch a television show for that matter—without hearing the constant use of the F-word—including, you know, ladies using it. People that I know don’t talk like that! But if you portray it a lot, the society’s going to become that way. It’s very sad. And you can’t have a movie or a television show without a nude sex scene, very often having no relation to the plot. I don’t mind it when it is essential to the plot, as it sometimes is. But, my goodness! The society that watches that becomes a coarse society.

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From "Justice Antonin Scalia: 'I Believe the Devil is at Work Today'" by Sami K. Martin, Christian Post Contributor 10/7/13

Scalia attended public elementary school and a Catholic high school in New York City. He has made no secret of his religious beliefs and how they have influenced his decisions while on the Supreme Court.

The Justice has a fondness for Pope Francis and said that he agrees with the Pope's assertion that the church should be more evangelistic.

"I have often bemoaned the fact that the Catholic Church has sort of lost that evangelistic spirit," Scalia said. "And if this pope brings it back, all the better. [Pope Francis] is the Vicar of Christ. He's the chief. I don't run down the pope."

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From "Justice Scalia Believes in Manners and Eternity" by Dan Delzell, Special to Christian Post 10/8/13

. . . When was the last time you heard someone in his position make such a bold declaration about the only thing that will matter to any of us 100 years from now. Talk about foresight. This man gets it. He knows that when America is no more, each one of us will still be in existence. For real.

. . . Talk about out of step with many of those in positions of power today.

. . . Antonin Scalia is in many ways a throwback to an earlier time in America. It was a time when talking about God and eternity was commonplace virtually everywhere in society. Today when somebody mentions their belief in a literal God and devil, you would think that someone shouted out the F-word.

. . . Just think how different America would be without profanity, and name calling, and hatred. And just think how full heaven would be, and how empty hell would be, if everyone would humbly kneel at the foot of Christ's cross. If only everyone would repent of his sin and believe in the Savior, what a joyous eternity we would share with one another.

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