Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Arizona School OKs Teacher: Pedophilia, Bestiality

The Cactus Shadows High School administration, in Cave Creek, Arizona, initially suspended drama teacher Andrew Cupo after outraged parents complained of a pornographic script their kids said Cupo told them to conceal after a rehearsal, but subsequent to a school board meeting wherein most people in attendance voiced support, Cupo was reinstated.
“I’m a huge supporter of the arts, and with the arts comes discomfort and sometimes outrageousness, and I feel fortunate that we’ve been able to confront those issues with a teacher, and in the future they might not be able to.”
-- Andrew Rimmer, a senior in Cupo’s class
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-- From "Andrew Cupo, suspended Cactus Shadows High drama teacher, returns to school" by The Associated Press 10/15/13

Andrew Cupo had been on paid administrative leave since Oct. 7 after some parents complained about the play.

Students in Cupo's advanced drama class at Cactus Shadows High studied and read aloud an absurdist play in which one of the characters falls in love with a goat.

Scottsdale police looked into the matter and found no grounds for criminal wrongdoing.

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From "Teacher returns to Cactus Shadows H.S. after bestiality play controversy" by Jill Galus and Jennifer Thomas, KTVK-TV3 (Phoenix, AZ) 10/15/13

"The Goat or Who is Sylvia" is [a Tony Award-winning Broadway play by Edward Albee] about a man who falls in love with a goat. The play depicts bestiality and incest and contains sexually explicit language.

While some parents were outraged over the play, other parents and students defended the drama teacher at a school board meeting last week.

Cave Creek Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Debbi Burdick released a statement that reads, in part: "The District does not in any way condone the use of the controversial play in its curriculum. The teacher did not obtain the permission of any parent or of the administration prior to introducing its mature concepts into the classroom and the item has been removed from use."

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From "Cactus Shadows teacher suspended over play will return" by Mary Beth Faller, The Arizona Republic 10/15/13

The district superintendent would not say whether Andrew Cupo was disciplined but did say that, from now on, the principal will review all plays performed in class and publicly at the school.

She said that besides having all plays reviewed by Cactus Shadows Principal Steve Bebee, “no plays that include suggestive sexual information, excessive profanity, suggestive sexual undertones, or that would be considered controversial in a high-school setting will be used for any reason.”

Last Tuesday, several dozen people attended the governing-board meeting, using the public-comment time to address the board members about the incident.

Many students, including several from the advanced-acting class, defended Cupo’s choice of the play.

Some of their parents expressed anger that the other parents had questioned their children.

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From "Andrew Cupo was right to teach sexually explicit play" by Robert Leger, The Arizona Republic 10/11/13

. . . there is plenty about that goat and this play to make one uncomfortable. The language is rough; the ideas slam against convention. It’s not unusual for people to walk out on performances.

So it was an odd choice for an advanced drama class at Cactus Shadows High School, where the predictable occurred. Parents complained. The teacher, Andrew Cupo, was put on administrative leave. Other parents and students showed up at a school board meeting to defend him.

. . . Cupo is doing what we say we want from teachers. He is developing minds. He is challenging his students to think, to examine why they believe what they believe.

The teachers who push boundaries, who treat students as worthy of intellectual challenge, they’re the ones who push their students to excellence.

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