Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lesbian Fired by Ark. Catholic School Wants Apology

Media tout public's demand that Catholic Church change . . .

English teacher Tippi McCullough never discussed her homosexuality with her employer, Mount St. Mary Academy for girls in Little Rock, Arkansas, but when she traveled to New Mexico to "marry" her lesbian lover, she was dismissed for violating the terms of her contract -- a morality code that required her to uphold teachings of the Catholic Church.

"Sometimes adherence to the church's teachings may be difficult, challenging and/or unpopular. We recognize that some may disagree with our actions, and we respect their right to do so."
-- Mount St. Mary President Karen Flake
For background, read 'Gay Marriage' Teacher Fired by California Catholic School and also read Lesbian Methodist Fired from Ohio Catholic School as well as Christian University Boots Professor for Changing Sex

Other teachers have sued Christian schools for being fired over immorality issues, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruling over President Obama's DOJ gives churches freedom to fire & hire.

Remember the assurance from Pope Benedict XVI: Public Opinion Won't Liberalize the Church and also read that Pope Francis I Says the Gay Agenda is Work of the Devil

-- From "Teacher at Catholic school in Little Rock asks for apology for firing after marrying partner" by Chuck Bartels, Associated Press 10/22/13

On Oct. 16, McCullough married her partner, Barb Mariani, in New Mexico, where same-sex marriage is [claimed to be] legal. McCullough said she received a call from her principal less than an hour after the ceremony and was told that she'd lose her job if she was married to a woman.

"I was devastated," McCullough said. "I would never have purposefully blown my life up like this."

Mariani, who is a deputy prosecutor in Pulaski County, said the school is incorrectly applying the morals code contained in its employment contract with McCullough.

Flake's statement didn't address McCullough's call for an apology and gave no indication that a nondiscrimination policy is under discussion.

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From "Teacher Tippi McCullough Forced To Resign After Marrying Same-Sex Partner" by Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post 10/23/13

. . . McCullough appeared Tuesday at a news conference held by the Human Rights Campaign –- a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group -- and said she was devastated by the situation.

The Human Rights Campaign has called on students, teachers and Mount St. Mary Academy community members to stand up for McCullough. One of the school’s students started an online petition asking the school to stop discriminatory practices.

"So many other teachers have signed that contract, and they probably use birth control or have had premarital sex or anything else that goes against Catholic beliefs," Gillian Gullett, a 10th-grader at the school, told local outlet Fox 16.

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From "Teacher at a Catholic school is fired on her wedding day after marrying her lesbian lover of 14 years" by Chris Pleasance, UK Daily Mail 10/18/13

[School principal] Diane Wolfe claimed she had found out about the union 'through the diocese' and, according to Mrs McCullough, told her: 'I never thought this day would come, but I have to terminate you.'

It has been reported that the English teacher, who had been at the school for 15 years, was offered a 'glowing recommendation' letter and told she could voluntarily resign.

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin said: 'To fire a beloved teacher simply because she is gay is morally reprehensible.

'At a moment when Pope Francis is urging the Catholic hierarchy to put aside judgment and a decades-long campaign targeting devoted LGBT Catholics, it’s shameful that this school is ignoring that hopeful message in favor of explicit and baseless discrimination.'

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From "Mount St. Mary teacher fired for marrying her female partner" by Max Brantley, Arkansas Times 10/17/13

[McCullough] said she'd been encouraged by support from other teachers. She said, too, that she was sure Wolfe knew of her long relationship with Mariani.  They never discussed it explicitly, she said, but "she knew." In their discussion yesterday, "I told her I thought it was unfair, that I was being singled out for being gay." She said Wolfe told her the nun who once headed the school had once escorted out an unmarried pregnant teacher.

[Mariani] said McCullough had been more than discreet. McCullough said she'd never talked about her sexual orientation with students.

No law protects McCullough from firing. Some states and cities have employment non-discrimination laws that protect people of different sexual orientation. But even so, a religious institution citing church teaching would be exempt.

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