Monday, October 28, 2013

Male Homecoming Queen at Univ. of Northern Iowa

21-year-old Steven Sanchez, who is 100% male but describes himself as gender non-conforming, competed for the homecoming queen crown by dancing while dressed as a woman at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, and won.
"He can dance amazingly well in high heels."
-- David Pope, president of UNI Proud (student group advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people)
Meanwhile, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission ruled that sexually confused men are free to use women’s restrooms in public places.

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-- From "Transgender student named homecoming queen at Iowa university" by Noreen O'Donnell, Reuters 10/12/13

For his routine, Sanchez wore his school colors - a purple ball gown, belted as a skirt, a purple shirt and the gold pumps.

Sanchez said his gender identify was in transition, though he was unsure that he would ever physically become a woman.

"I identify as gender queer so not really one or the other," he said.

His grandmother, mother and an aunt are all encouraging, he said.

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From "Iowa college crowns transgender homecoming queen" by Jens Manuel Krogstad, USA TODAY 10/12/13

There was a time when Sanchez hated himself: He regularly cut his wrists and once overdosed on pills in a suicide attempt, he said. Those memories and emotions overflowed at a vigil Wednesday for those affected by hate crimes and suicide, an event scheduled for Northern Iowa's Coming Out Week.

Sanchez has become a crowd favorite, performing as "Lola" on stage at various events, since arriving two years ago on the Cedar Falls campus, Pope said. He came to Iowa after earning an associate degree and taking high school classes at a community college in Texas.

In the process, Northern Iowa has become a place where Sanchez finally feels at home. His open, welcoming attitude puts others at ease, Pope said.

Student leaders and university administrators have backed LGBT students and their allies . . .

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From "After big win, Sanchez plans activism for future" by Linh Ta, The Northern Iowan 10/14/13

While Sanchez said he still deals with depression, he’s received a newfound confidence and wants to share it with other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

However, Sanchez has not received purely positive feedback from people who have heard or read his story. He’s seen negative homophobic comments on social media sites and has been criticized by “radical” feminists who say he’s appropriating women’s culture.

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From "Transgender student wins UNI homecoming queen crown" by Mackenzie Elmer, Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Staff Writer 10/11/13

Sanchez will reign over this year's homecoming court alongside Yaw Kyeremateng, a graduate student who was crowned king. The 440 students who attended Tuesday night's competition voted to select the winners.

Sanchez performed a drag routine during Tuesday night's competition, lip synching and dressing in drag to imitate singer Selena Gomez.

Sanchez nominated himself for the title in a new court application process instated last year by the Campus Activities Board. He detailed his work in the university relations department and on the UNI Proud board, an advocacy group representing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and others.

A panel of students and faculty selected ten applicants based on their academic standing, responses to essay questions and campus involvement.

But any identification, like the name and gender of each candidate, was removed from applications before judges saw them, said Ashley Minshall, program coordinator of student activities.

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From "Transgender rights: Restroom battles emerge" by Jason Clayworth, Des Moines Register 10/26/13

. . . three cases are the first to advance through a civil rights complaint process since 2007, when lawmakers added gender identity to the state’s nondiscrimination policies.

Confusion about the law is compounded by little court precedent on the issue, said Beth Townsend, director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

“The new law does require ... that individuals are permitted to access (restrooms) in accordance with their gender identity, rather than their assigned sex at birth, without being harassed or questioned,” Sara Stibitz, a civil rights specialist with the state commission . . .

The number of gender identity complaints made to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission has increased from six in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2008, to 51 in the year that ended June 30, 2013.

Chuck Hurley, a vocal opponent of Iowa’s 2007 law . . . says he is concerned that new policies will allow voyeurs and sex offenders to simply claim a different gender identity to gain access to areas where women and children are vulnerable.

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