Tuesday, July 05, 2011

TV Abortion Commercials: Problem Terminated

The British agency regulating TV advertising has approved for-profit, as well as non-profit, abortionists to run commercials to convince women to solve their problem by ending the life of their child.

For background, read Abortion Ads to TV Airwaves in U.K.

-- From "TV adverts for commercial abortion clinics given go ahead" by Laura Donnelly and Jonathan Wynne-Jones, London Telegraph 7/2/11

The plans have sparked controversy, with pro-life campaigners accusing advertising authorities of "trivialising" human life by treating terminations as a consumer choice like cars or washing powder.

They emerged as a report accused clinics of using "hard sell" marketing to push pregnant women seeking counselling into having terminations, in order to make more money.

The proposals emerged as campaigners for changes to abortion law publish a report accusing clinics funded by the NHS of using "hard sell" tactics to pressure women into having abortions.

The report by lobby group Right To Know attacks major abortion providers for recruiting business development managers who are asked to promote the growth of the businesses, and generate increased income.

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From "Commercial abortion clinics could air ads on national TV" posted at The Christian Institute (UK) 7/5/11

The controversial guidance would also require pro-life charities that counsel pregnant women to make it explicit that they do not refer women for terminations.

Last year Marie Stopes International aired the nation’s first ever abortion advert.

The controversial ad caused a storm of controversy and generated thousands of complaints.

Last year 189,574 abortions were carried out on women residing in England and Wales. In 2000 175,542 terminations were recorded – more than 14,000 less.

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From "British Television Stations OKd to Broadcast Abortion Ads" by Steven Ertelt, 7/5/11

The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, the governmental body that monitors television advertising standards, has given the final approval for abortion businesses to advertise on television.

Paul Tully, SPUC’s general secretary, also commented on the decision for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

“These new proposals to allow abortion commercials will cause many people bewilderment. Less than two years ago, the code of practice was reviewed, and a wide public consultation was held. A huge majority of people objected to changing the code to allow abortion adverts. So the code was not changed,” he said. “Then last year, with the revised code in force, the first TV advert for abortion was allowed anyway. The advert cleverly avoided mention of abortion. It was all done by implication. It depicted a young woman worried about her period being late. The advert asked: “Who can help her?” and the answer was a so-called pregnancy advice ‘charity’ that runs a lucrative chain of abortion clinics.”

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