Friday, July 22, 2011

Texas Evolution Textbook Debate Continues

The Texas State Board of Education has given its final approval [sort of] to supplemental high school science materials after a brief flare-up over some lessons teaching the principles of evolution.

For background, read Intelligentsia Fear Critique of Darwin in Texas Schools

-- From "Texas Ed Board compromises on evolution materials" by Jim Vertuno, Associated Press 7/22/11

The board's social conservatives compromised with supporters of evolution and agreed to have state Education Commissioner Robert Scott continue working with the publisher to find an acceptable middle ground.

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From "SBOE Gives OK to Science Supplements" by Morgan Smithan, Texas Tribune 7/22/11

. . . the board is considering a list of recommended vendors for the supplemental materials that will update textbooks to the science standards it adopted in 2009, which include the requirement that students learn “all sides” of scientific theories like evolution and natural selection.

After a battle appeared to be brewing between the board's left and right factions on contested language on evolution in one publisher's biology lessons, members found a compromise: let the education commissioner decide.

Initially, David Bradley, a member of the board's social conservative bloc, expressed displeasure at handing over the the board's authority to the commissioner [Robert Scott].

Scott, who attended the meeting, told members he'd accept the responsibility. "My goal would be to try and find some common ground," he said. "I cant promise either side that they will be happy."

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