Friday, July 15, 2011

Gay Agenda Dealt Blow by UK Commission

As anti-Christian religious discrimination claims are headed to the European Court of Human Rights, the British Equality and Human Rights Commission has reversed itself by arguing that homosexual rights do not trump religious rights carte blanche.

For background, read Judge Rules Gay Agenda Trumps Right of Conscience and also read Religious Liberty in Employment Upheld, Journalists in Uproar

-- From "Equality commission backs religious claims" posted at BBC News 7/11/11

[Cases included:]

Mr [Gary] McFarlane, a Bristol counsellor, was sacked
for refusing to give relationship advice to gay people

Ms [Lilian] Ladele was disciplined
after she refused to conduct same-sex civil partnership ceremonies in north London

The commission said judges had interpreted equality laws too narrowly in religious claims, leading employers to place undue restriction on how far Christians could behave in accordance with their beliefs.

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From "At last, equality police decide Christians DO have right to follow beliefs" by UK Daily Mail Reporter 7/12/11

In a major U-turn, the Equality and Human Rights Commission declared that judges should not have backed employers who pursued Christians for wearing crosses or for refusing to give sex therapy to gay couples.

Just seven months ago it had championed the cause of civil partners Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy in their successful bid to sue Christian hoteliers who had refused them a double room.

But yesterday the commission, which is led by former Labour politician Trevor Phillips, said the law was confusing.

The commission said it wanted to see a new legal principle of ‘reasonable accommodations’ to allow a religious believer and their employer to reach a compromise. It said that under this principle, a Jew who did not wish to work on Saturdays could be given his or her wish simply by a change to work rotas.

This would give religious believers similar legal status to disabled people.

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From "Humanists and gays fear EHRC intervention" posted at The Christian Institute [UK] 7/12/11

Humanist and homosexual groups have reacted strongly against the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s move to defend religious liberty of Christians.

However, the intervention has been welcomed by Christian groups who have long been concerned that equality laws are marginalising Christians.

But Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association said that “it is one thing to make the case for reasonable accommodation in matters such as religious holidays, and quite another if the accommodation sought is to allow the believer to discriminate against others in the provision of a service.”

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