Friday, July 22, 2011

'Gay Marriage' Bill Pushed by Maryland Governor

Against the will of the people of the state of Maryland, Gov. Martin J. O’Malley announced today that he will sponsor legislation to legalize same-sex "marriage" in a manner consistent with his Roman Catholic upbringing.

For background, read Same-sex 'Marriage' Dies in Maryland Legislature (defeated by Christian grassroots), and also read Sexually Confused ("Gender Identity") Legislation Killed in Maryland

UPDATE 2/24/12: Maryland Eighth State for Same-sex 'Marriage'

-- From "O'Malley to sponsor same-sex marriage bill" by Annie Linskey, The Baltimore Sun 7/22/11

O'Malley said he hopes to learn from the New York effort and spoke admiringly about the religious protections offered by that law, though he did not offer any specific changes that he might make.

O'Malley tasked his top lobbyist, Joseph C. Bryce, with spearheading the effort to move the bill in 2012. Bryce, a well respected Annapolis aide, will coordinate the new Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition and develop a strategy to garner additional votes.

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From "Md. governor says he will sponsor gay marriage bill in 2012" by Associated Press 7/22/11

Gay marriage legislation passed the Maryland Senate this year but stalled in the House of Delegates when it became clear it was a few votes short.

While O’Malley supported the bill and said he would sign it, he did not include the measure in his list of legislative priorities. Supporters are confident O’Malley’s stronger backing will make the difference next year.

But opponents are keeping a close eye on developments, and they’re pledging to bring stiff resistance to Annapolis again.

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From "O'Malley stands up for equality" editorial by The Baltimore Sun 7/22/11

Advocates for marriage equality in Maryland have taken several important steps toward reversing their narrow defeat in this year's General Assembly session, but none were nearly so important as the boost they got today from Gov. Martin O'Malley . . .

Governor O'Malley, in a news conference to announce his plans, specifically cited the provision of the New York law that allows religious groups to opt out of participating in or recognizing same-sex marriages as a model for Maryland to follow. In truth, the bill that failed in the Maryland House this year had an exemption that was nearly identical to the provision in the New York law, but making even minor efforts to strengthen the religious protections could be enough to sway a handful of votes.

Until this year, Mr. O'Malley's public position had been in opposition to same-sex marriage but in favor of civil unions.

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From "Marylanders React To Governor's Marriage Stance" posted at WBAL-TV11 Baltimore 7/22/11

Maryland Family Alliance:

"Statewide Maryland clergy and churches representing more than 50,000 concerned citizens, have expressed disappointment with Gov. Martin O'Malley's announced plans to place same-sex marriage legislation as a legislative priority for the 2012 session. As a result, the coalition of clergy and churches from multiple counties vow to maintain the state’s current definition of marriage as between one man and one woman."

"Gay marriage failed in Maryland earlier this year because the House of Delegates listened to their constituents. While Governor O'Malley seems more intent on an agenda other than the people of Maryland, the members of the General Assembly answered to the constituents in their districts. Maryland is not New York. Not only is support for marriage much deeper here, but we have the power of referendum. The General Assembly need not change their position. However, should they decide to, the people will speak via the Referendum and gay marriage will not be legalized in Maryland."

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From "Gov. O’Malley will sponsor same-sex marriage legislation" by George P. Matysek Jr., The Catholic Review 7/22/11

Mary Ellen Russell, executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, said . . . “The decision still is in the hands of the General Assembly . . . and, to date, they have chosen not to redefine marriage and we hope they will continue to listen to their consciences and constituents and remain with the decision they made last session.”

Russell said stripping marriage of its “unique connection to parenthood” disregards the reasons why government has always elevated marriage over other relationships “as the fundamental building block of society.”

“I went to Catholic schools,” [Gov. O'Malley] said, “and I understood that there’s a difference between laws that are dispensed in a marriage ceremony in a courthouse and a sacrament as defined by organized religion. I think that’s what we seek to protect – both of those freedoms.”

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