Friday, July 15, 2011

MO Dem. Gov. Gives on Abortion Restrictions

Missouri doctors and hospitals will face new restrictions and penalties for performing late-term abortions after Gov. Jay Nixon announced Thursday that he would let legislation backed by anti-abortion groups take effect without his signature.

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-- From "Dem Governor Lets Bill Limiting Late-Term Abortions Become Law--Without His Signature" by David A. Lieb, Associated Press 7/14/11

Nixon, a Democrat, cited a section of the Missouri Constitution that allows bills to become law if not signed or vetoed by the governor within 45 days after the Legislature adjourns. Thursday was the deadline for him to take action.

At a signing ceremony in Kansas City for unrelated legislation, Nixon told reporters that abortion "is a public policy obviously that's talked about in Missouri tremendously, and I've tried to — you know — make sure that we are sensitive to all sides of the issue."

This marks the second straight year that Nixon has allowed an anti-abortion bill to become law without his signature as he attempts to walk a political tightrope by neither directly supporting nor opposing the measures. His decision was praised by some anti-abortion activists.

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From "Gov. Nixon allows abortion bill to become law; signs other life legislation" by Jennifer Brinker, St. Louis Review 7/15/11

The bills, HB213 and SB65, were sponsored by Rep. Timothy Jones R-Eureka, and Sen Robert Mayer, R-Dexter, respectively.

Nixon also recently signed several other life-related bills, including a piece of legislation requiring the Department of Health and Senior Services to post information about cord-blood banking. Cord blood harvested from an infant’s umbilical cord is rich in adult stem cells and has been used to treat numerous illnesses.

Finally, Nixon signed a bill that will allow adult adoptees better access to information about their biological parents. The bill relaxes rules that govern the release of the identity of biological parents for adoptees wanting that information.

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From "New Missouri late-term abortion restrictions to become law" by Jason Noble, Kansas City Star 7/14/11

Also under the bill, abortion providers are required to determine the gestational age of a fetus before performing the procedure. For any fetus 20 weeks of age or more, the doctor must determine whether it is viable.

Performing an abortion on a viable fetus when the mother’s health did not require it would be a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000.

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