Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raise Health Insurance Rates, White House Plans: Birth Control

ObamaCare is poised to provide a huge funding boost to Planned Parenthood, as the Obama administration mandates private insurance companies to include, free of charge, every imaginable type of birth control, including abortifacients, in every policy, thus forcing every citizen to pay for others' sexual habits.

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UPDATE 8/8/11: Force Christians to provide birth control, abortionists tell White House

UPDATE 8/1/11: Obama administration enacts "free" birth control mandate

-- From "Panel recommends that health plans cover contraception for women without co-pays" by Noam N. Levey, Los Angeles Times 7/20/11

The [ObamaCare] law that President Obama signed last year requires new health plans to cover a basic set of preventive health services without co-pays or deductibles for patients, a key provision of the new law that experts believe will encourage more Americans to get recommended immunizations, cancer screenings and other services.

The law directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to seek input from clinicians and other authorities about which additional services should be covered for women.

That prompted the report Tuesday from the Institute of Medicine, or IOM, a branch of the National Academy of Sciences that provides guidance to policymakers.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called the recommendations historic and said her department would review them before it finalizes regulations "very soon" specifying which preventive services would have to be covered. A decision is due by Aug. 1.

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From "Report Backs Contraception" by Katherine Hobson, Wall Street Journal 7/20/11

[The IOM report] recommends that insurers cover "the full range" of contraceptive methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration as well as sterilization and patient counseling as a way to prevent unintended pregnancies and to help women space their pregnancies over time. There is an increased risk of adverse outcomes for pregnancies that occur within 18 months of a prior pregnancy, the report said.

Contraception coverage is likely to be the most controversial of the eight recommendations in the report. The Family Research Council, a conservative public-policy outfit, said it opposed a mandate to make birth-control coverage free, because people who don't support contraception shouldn't have to subsidize its use by others.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards praised the report, saying birth control without out-of-pocket expenses "would be a tremendous stride forward for women's health in this country."

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From "Panel Recommends Coverage for Contraception" by Robert Pear, New York Times 7/19/11

Obama administration officials said that they were inclined to accept the panel’s advice and that the new requirements could take effect for many plans at the beginning of 2013. The administration signaled its intentions in January when Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, unveiled a 10-year program to improve the nation’s health. One goal was to “increase the proportion of health insurance plans that cover contraceptive supplies and services.”

Administration officials, who say they hope to act on the recommendations by Aug. 1, are receptive to the idea of removing cost as a barrier to birth control — a longtime goal of advocates for women’s rights and experts on women’s health.

“This report is historic,” Ms. Sebelius said on Tuesday in accepting the document. “Before today, guidelines regarding women’s health and preventive care did not exist. These recommendations are based on science and existing literature.”

. . . The recommendation would not help women without insurance.

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From "‘Pregnancy is not a disease’: Bishops slam Planned Parenthood push for free birth control" by Kathleen Gilbert, 7/20/11

“Pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible,” said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Tuesday.

Like other conservative leaders, the USCCB pro-life chairman noted that the mandate would violate the conscience rights of Americans morally opposed to birth control, and objected to coverage of “emergency contraception” such as ella, a chemical functionally identical to the abortion drug RU-486.

But the cardinal’s challenge did not stop there: DiNardo noted that the IOM report was so radical as to have indicated interest in recommending full abortion coverage as well. The report stated that, “despite the health and well-being benefits to some women,” abortion was outside of the project’s scope given federal legal restrictions.

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UPDATE 8/4/11 (video):