Monday, July 18, 2011

Gay Military Offense Against Defense of Marriage (DOMA)

Although President Obama and Congress have authorized open sexual deviancy in the military, the Gay Agenda is never satisfied, as the federal DOMA law restricts recognition of same-sex "marriage" regarding military benefits -- thus, the need to repeal DOMA as well.

For background, read San Fran. Judges Usurp Congress: Don't Ask, Don't Tell and also read Obama Pushes Court to Rule Against Marriage as well as White House Torpedoed Marriage from Start

-- From "Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits" by James Dao, New York Times 7/16/11

. . . advocates for gay and lesbian service members are already looking ahead to the next battle: winning equal benefits for same-sex married couples.

Under current law, particularly the Defense of Marriage Act, the Pentagon is prohibited from giving federally financed benefits to same-sex married couples. In the military, those benefits include base housing and allowances for off-base housing, health insurance, certain death benefits, legal counseling and access to base commissaries and other stores.

. . . many advocates expect the number of gay and lesbian married couples in the military to rise significantly.

As those numbers grow, unequal treatment of same-sex married couples will become a source of resentment and poor morale, advocates for gay troops assert.

With Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, advocates for gays in the military said the courts might be their best venue for equalizing benefits. . . .

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From "Military Gay Couples Won't Enjoy Benefits" by Julie Watson, Associated Press 7/17/11

. . . That means housing allowances and off-base living space for gay service members with partners could be decided as if they were living alone. Base transfers would not take into account their spouses. If two gay service members are married to each other they may be transferred to two different states or regions of the world. For heterosexual couples, the military tries to avoid that from happening.

Same-sex partners can be listed as the person to be notified in case a service member is killed, injured, or missing, but current regulations prevent anyone other than immediate family – not same-sex spouses – from learning the details of the death. Same-sex spouses also will not be eligible for travel allowances to attend repatriation ceremonies if their military spouses are killed in action.

Gay spouses also will be denied military ID cards. That means they will not be allowed on bases unless they are accompanied by a service member and they cannot shop at commissaries or exchanges that have reduced prices for groceries and clothing, nor can they be treated at military medical facilities. They also will be excluded from base programs providing recreation and other such kinds of support.

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