Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Scripture Display Nixed by City Board

A New Hampshire town has voted to reject a Christian sign -- a decision at odds with ordinance provisions and treatment of other business signage.

-- From "Board rejects 'Sign for Jesus' appeal" Union Leader (Manchester, NH) 8/19/10

CHICHESTER [NH] – The Board of Adjustment . . . rejected an appeal for a "Sign for Jesus" electronic sign proposal near a Route 4 intersection.

. . . Fab Cusson of Barnstead . . . purchased land near the corner of Route 4 and Main Street in November with plans to install a 12-foot tall electronic sign that would display one message from the Bible each day.

Cusson argued that the town's zoning ordinances are "contradictory" and a provision allowed for approval of an electronic sign after a public review. His proposal was also 20 square-feet smaller than the maximum allowed for a sign outside a business, officials said.

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From "'Signs for Jesus' comes to Chichester" by Dan O'Brien, Union Leader Correspondent 8/18/10

. . . the 38-year-old Barnstead father of three wants to help others by spreading the word of God via a 12-foot electronic message board on Route 4. Cusson said his ultimate goal is to launch a nationwide program called "Signs for Jesus," with electronic signs in other areas.

"My intention is to encourage people driving by with the word of God," Cusson said. "I strongly feel the Lord spoke for me to do that."

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