Thursday, September 09, 2010

Allah Worshiped in Memphis Church

The Memphis Islamic Center has successfully expanded into Cordova (Tennessee), undertaking new building construction, and sharing the adjacent church with Christians for Islamic worship during Ramadan.

Is anyone paying attention? This is taking place in Cordova! (Confused? Then, Google Cordova Spain Islam.)

-- From "Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for new mosque" By Lindsay Melvin, Scripps Interactive Newspapers Group 8/28/10

When pastor Steve Stone [of the 550-person Heartsong Church in Cordova] initially heard of the mosque and Islamic center being erected on the sprawling land adjacent his church, his stomach tightened.

Then he raised a 6-foot sign reading, "Welcome to the Neighborhood."

On a 31-acre stretch at Humphrey Road and Houston Levee, Memphis Islamic Center leaders plan to build a massive gathering place during the next several years. It will include a mosque, youth center, day care center, indoor gym, sports fields, medical clinic and retirement home.

. . . Until Memphis Islamic Center is complete, members pray at nearby Heartsong Church . . . as members of the Christian congregation take the opportunity to sit in on Ramadan prayers and meet people at the nightly gatherings, much of that mystery and fear has dissipated.

The Memphis project hasn't been entirely free of criticism. Bloggers and religious publications have speculated that the Memphis group is receiving funding from Saudi Arabia, which the local Islamic board says is completely false.

When it is finished, the new facility will be a center for the whole community, and a place for interfaith cooperation . . .

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