Saturday, September 25, 2010

Only Pro-life IL Senate Candidate is Libertarian

Democrats are fanning the flames of Christians in Illinois by highlighting the liberal characteristics of the GOP's (RINO) pro-abortion candidate, Mark Kirk, for the U.S. Senate, who also advocates the Gay Agenda. Leading Christian advocacy organizations are telling voters that six more years of a Democrat in the Senate is preferable to being stuck with a pro-abortion RINO in the seat for decades.

-- From "Giannoulias talks up Libertarian in attempt to siphon votes from Kirk" by Kerry Lester, Daily Herald Staff 9/17/10

An Oak Brook Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate got a boost Thursday from an unlikely source - Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, who gave props to Mike Labno while predicting his Republican opponent will fall victim to tea party wrath.

Following the loss of a moderate candidate to a tea party activist in Delaware's GOP Senate primary Tuesday, Giannoulias issued a news release calling Republican opponent Mark Kirk the "conservative wave's ... next victim in November, with Mike Labno as the only pro-life, pro-gun candidate running for Senate in Illinois."

The effort is a strategy by Giannoulias' campaign to siphon Republican votes away from Kirk in the extremely close race for President Barack Obama's old seat.

As a five-term 10th District congressman, Kirk has supported stem cell research, several gun control laws and abortion rights, though he opposes federal funding of abortion.

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From "Third-party candidate could roil Ill. ballot" by Shira Toeplitz, Politico 9/2/10

A Constitution Party candidate is going to court to try to regain a spot on the Illinois Senate ballot - an effort that, if successful, could spell trouble for GOP nominee Mark Kirk.

Election officials removed Randy Stufflebeam from the ballot last week, but his attorney filed a suit Wednesday aiming to get his name back on.

Furthermore, after a lackluster performance in the GOP primary downstate, Kirk needs to do well there with Republicans to boost his bid. Not only is Stufflebeam from that region, but he's also more conservative than Kirk on several issues: He is anti-abortion, while Kirk favors abortion rights, and Stufflebeam is against the cap-and-trade legislation that the congressman voted for in 2009.

Doug Ibendahl, an attorney for Stufflebeam, filed a petition for judicial review with the Cook County Circuit Court Wednesday and has requested an expedited hearing. Ibendahl said he was not going to predict a victory, but figured Stufflebeam had a "decent chance" of being reinstated on the ballot.

[Ibendahl] blamed the state Republican Party and Kirk.

"We got the kitchen sink thrown at us because they're so desperate, because there are a lot of conservatives who can't stomach Mark Kirk," said Ibendahl.

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From "Glenn Beck mocks Michelle Obama's healthy food drive at Right Nation convention" by Lynn Sweet; by Abdon M. Pallasch, Chicago Sun-Times Political Writer 9/19/10

Five thousand conservative true believers cheered Fox News host Glenn Beck and other right-leaning firebrands at Right Nation 2010 in Hoffman Estates on Saturday night in a call-to-arms 45 days before Election Day.

Moderates such as Illinois GOP Senate nominee Mark Kirk stayed away from Saturday's event.

But it did attract Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Labno. His 6-year-old daughter Emily told attendees as they came in that her father is "the only pro-life, pro-gun candidate for Senate."

"Let's face it - there is no Republican in this race," Labno said as he greeted attendees on the way in.

Inside the arena, when conservative commentator Phil Kerpen urged the audience to vote for Kirk, more people applauded than booed.

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