Sunday, September 05, 2010

Christians Pray at Calif. Capitol

TheCall Sacramento gathered in front of California's State Capitol building for a 12-hour fasting and prayer event on Saturday.

“The government is the people. And the people is a reflection of the Church. The problem is not the government; it is the church.”

-- From "Prayer, politics share stage at Capitol rally" by Dale Kasler and Gina Kim, The Sacramento Bee 9/5/10

Summoned by conservative Christian leaders from around the country, thousands gathered on the west steps of the Capitol on Saturday for 12 hours of solemn prayer, gospel and Christian rock – and repeated calls to end abortion and gay marriage.

The event's organizer, conservative Kansas City evangelist Lou Engle, urged the crowd to "break the altar of homosexual marriage."

The crowd also heard from Matt Lockett of Bound4LIFE, a group that holds vigils in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and prays for a reversal of Roe v. Wade. Lockett called abortion the nation's "covenant with death."

Speakers decried what they called the rampant immorality sweeping America. The crowd was asked to pray for women who'd had abortions, clergy addicted to pornography, bisexual women – even middle-aged men who play video games.

The stage was flanked by giant video screens and banners proclaiming, "Only one hope – Jesus."

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From "12-Hour Prayer, Fasting Rally Hits Sacramento" by Michelle A. Vu, Christian Post Reporter 9/5/10

The problems of abortion, the ruling on California’s voter-approved marriage definition, and addictions cannot be solely blamed on the government, said the speakers. But individual Christians should repent and pray God will change the hearts of men and women.

Bishop Harry Jackson, who led the opposition against D.C.’s gay marriage law, prayed for President Obama to have a “Damascus” experience, referring to the conversion Apostle Paul experienced on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians.

Engle called on the rally participants to pray for members of Congress and for God to raise up righteous leaders who are humble, care for the poor, defend the life of the unborn, and traditional marriage.

TheCall events are inspired by the story in Joel 2, which prescribes for people to gather to fast and pray in times of crisis.

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