Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christians 'Cry Out America' to God Nationwide

“Spiritual awakenings of the Church have always occurred after a season of concerted, united prayer by God’s people in a locality, whether small or large, when the circumstances of life call His people to sacrificial prayer, repentance, and subsequent intimacy with Jesus.”

-- From "Christians Avoid Controversy, Focus on Spiritual Revival at 9/11 Event" by Michelle A. Vu, Christian Post Reporter 9/12/10

. . . the dozens of people gathered at the Pentagon Memorial on Saturday for the local Cry Out America event focused on praying for a spiritual awakening in America.

“We’ve seen the collapse of things we never thought would collapse. We’ve seen terrorism around the world, in America, on college campuses and in restaurants and places that have amazed us,” said Billy Wilson, executive chairman of the Awakening America Alliance, on Saturday. “We have seen a generation that is raised surrounded and inundated with fear.”

Under the Cry Out America theme of “Every State, Every County, and Every Heart,” Christians in 842 counties – or nearly a third of the counties in the nation – gathered at noon local time to pray for America’s armed forces, its youth, families, clergy, and churches.

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Illinois: The numbers were few but the enthusiasm for the cause was high when three local ministers and a group of citizens gathered at the Saline County Courthouse for a one-hour period of prayer on Saturday.

California: Local church members Saturday brought community members together with an event called 'Cry Out America'.

Missouri: Citizens, pastors, city and business leaders, law enforcement and youth . . . join together in prayer to “cry out” for revival in America.

Ohio: For Charleton Burgett, Saturday's Cry Out America event at the downtown Lancaster bandstand was about praying for his country.

Texas: They prayed for their country, the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and for reform and unity of the church.

Missouri: It is a cross-denominational, nonpartisan prayer initiative, coordinated by several pastors and members of many Springfield churches,

Florida: Prayers rained down on Lake City Saturday afternoon as community members gathered for a local prayer movement. The rally was part of a larger national movement.

Kansas: For the third year, the Liberal Ministerial Alliance is sponsoring the nationwide ministry “Cry Out America,” a program to remember those who lost their lives on Sept. 11 and to increase awareness of the nation's spiritual needs

Ohio: "We need to get God back in the country. The more praying at the same time the better."