Saturday, September 18, 2010

Liberals Fear God has Anointed Sarah Palin

Even atheists believe in God sometimes. It's no wonder why Sarah Palin stirs hatred among those who hate God, but why do so many liberals hate her? What they hate most is that the more they hate her, the more able she becomes.

Sarah Palin speaks in Des Moines, Iowa 9/17/10

-- From "Is Palin’s Rise Part of God’s Plan?" by Michael Joseph Gross, Vanity Fair 9/17/10

Sarah Palin has often suggested that she believes her rise to power is divinely ordained. She is, moreover, the only contemporary American politician whose admirers openly describe her as a modern-day version of a biblical character.

On the main pro-Palin blog, Conservatives4Palin, many postings contemplate Palin’s resemblance to Queen Esther, the eponymous hero of a short book in the Hebrew Bible. And Palin herself encourages the analogy. This past April, for instance, she told a Christian group in Louisville, Kentucky, that she often reads the book of Esther to her daughter Piper at bedtime.

A 2008 e-mail obtained exclusively by Vanity Fair, which appears in [the full article] (with its original spelling and punctuation), offers the clearest evidence yet made public of how seriously Palin and her advisers take this analogy. The e-mail was written by Lou Engle, a right-wing pastor and political activist who founded a movement known as the Call, which has coordinated widespread prayer and fasting to protest health-care reform and same-sex marriage.

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