Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GOP Ignores Social Conservatives at Own Peril

Christine O'Donnell's Republican primary win for the U.S. Senate in Delaware has, once again, demonstrated that such an outspoken pro-life, socially conservative, Christian candidate is a typical attraction for Tea Party supporters.

". . . it is a mistake for party leaders to run from cultural issues as well as ignore the large gap between the values of left-wing Obama elitists and conservative Middle America."

Commentary - No Mere Marriage of Convenience: Uniting Social and Economic Conservatives

UPDATE 9/16/10: Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) fundraising for homosexualist Log Cabin Republicans

-- From "Social conservatives stay in fray" by Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times 9/14/10

Fairbanks [Alaska] lawyer Joe Miller received money and support from tea party activists and former Gov. Sarah Palin in his stunning upset of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in last month's GOP Senate primary in Alaska. But Mr. Miller also credited the fact that an abortion-related parental-consent measure was on the ballot, drawing social conservatives to the polls.

Recent court rulings calling into question the stem-cell policy and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays serving in the military could make both sleeper issues in close races this fall.

"Yes, I believe there has been a disturbing silence by some leaders in the GOP concerning social issues," said Steve Scheffler, an RNC member from Iowa.

Social conservatives have shown the muscle to put the GOP over the top in past elections - or to sink the party's hopes by staying home. During the past 30 years, social conservatives have shown increasing political activism, largely siding with the one major party that unequivocally opposes abortion and same-sex marriage in its platform.

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