Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hollywood Mainstreams Polygamy in TV Series

Once the redefinition of marriage is accepted for same-sex 'marriage,' what logical argument can be made to preclude marriage from being defined as virtually any "loving relationship(s)?"

UPDATE 7/25/11: 'Gay Marriage' Enables Polygamy Court Challenge

UPDATE 3/19/11: TV expands further, the normalization of polygamy

UPDATE 9/26/10: More and more TV shows and movies exhibit polygamy

-- From "One man, four wives, 13 children -- it's TLC's 'Sister Wives'" MSNBC 9/7/10

TLC just released the first sneak peak of "Sister Wives," a seven-part series that follows Kody Brown and his three -- soon to be four -- wives, and their combined 13 children.

From "'Sister Wives' Brings A Real-Life 'Big Love' Family To TLC" by Olivia Allin, posted at ABC News 8/15/10

Because TLC seems determined for there to be no kind of alternative family left intact, they're bringing us "Sister Wives." Which could basically be called "Big Love: The Reality Show."

The series will follow the fundamentalist Mormon family of Kody Brown and his four "sister wives"—Meri, Janelle, Christine, and their new wife, Robyn. Together, they have 13 children living in a Utah apartment building.

Polygamy is illegal, but Kody explained that his family isn't breaking any laws since, "It's one legal marriage and the rest are commitment marriages. Like every other American family this takes everything we've got." The show premieres on TLC at 10 p.m. on September 26.

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