Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Elena Kagan Helped 'Queer' Harvard Law School

While the liberal mainstream media claim ignorance of Supreme Court nominee Kagan's documented career (see CNN report below), other sources have been exposing her flaming radical liberal past, such as the Mass Resistance report below.

-- From "Kagan: Will she be a reliable liberal on the bench?" by Bill Mears, CNN Supreme Court Producer 6/27/10

Ideology is hard to characterize, particularly in judicial candidates who presumably are not disposed to view the law with a strictly political lens. The term "reliably conservative" or "reliably liberal" may be the best a president can hope for when considering candidates for the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan has no judicial record that conservatives or liberals can easily fall back on when debating what kind of justice she would be.

As a White House lawyer and policy wonk in the mid- and late-1990s, she was involved in a number of hot-button issues such as late-term abortion, gun rights, affirmative action, and tobacco regulation. Memos from her government service reveal a politically pragmatic, cautious lawyer, whose views for the most part mirrored the president's. She comes across as a mainstream liberal, with little desire to passionately argue strong positions on contentious issues.

Kagan "is someone who was well known in the Obama White House," said Thomas Goldstein, a top Washington lawyer and founder of scotusblog.com.

. . . Unlike most past presidents, Obama has called upon his experience as a constitutional law professor to spell out the kind of justice he'd like to see, using "empathy" as a key barometer.

As for Kagan, some left-leaning groups are worried she could prove to be not as advertised. . . .

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From "How Elena Kagan helped 'queer' Harvard Law School" MassResistance report on Kagan's extensive radical activities as Dean of Law School 6/28/10

Elena Kagan's extremely radical record as Dean of Harvard Law School (2003-2009) regarding the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism has been largely untouched and ignored. Until now.

MassResistance has uncovered Kagan's record of bizarre and disturbing activities during that period, which we've compiled in a report, "How Elena Kagan 'queered' Harvard Law School. During that time it was clear that Kagan was committed to the radical campaign pushing acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism as "civil rights." - and changing the mindsets of generation of Harvard lawyers to embrace those views. Will she do the same to America?

Among the things we've uncovered (which are elaborated on in the report):
Kagan accelerated and legitimized the GLBT "rights" concept and law studies at Harvard Law School and in the larger university community.

Kagan encouraged Harvard students to get involved in homosexual activist legal work.

Kagan recruited former ACLU lawyer (and former ACT-UP activist) William Rubenstein to teach "queer" legal theory.

Kagan promoted and facilitated the "transgender" legal agenda during her tenure at Harvard.

Kagan attended functions of radical homosexual (GLBT) groups at Harvard University, absorbing and apparently agreeing with their goals.

Kagan followed the wishes of campus homosexual organizations -- within a month of meeting with a Harvard GLBT student group, she was agreeing with their demand to ban military recruiters on campus.

Radical "trans" activism at Harvard: Kagan's active promotion of the GLBT agenda at Harvard likely accelerated the campus environment that was becoming so "tolerant" of homosexuality and gender confusion that there was even a campaign during her tenure to make the campus "trans inclusive" -- using Harvard's "gender identity" nondiscrimination policy (in place since 2006).
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