Friday, June 11, 2010

Two NY Boys Named Prom 'King & Queen'

Charlie Ferrusi and Timothy Howard, seniors at Hudson High School (upstate New York), are products of the 21st Century American society, as indoctrinated via public schools. Where's THE Church?

-- From "Hudson High School makes history" by Molly Koweek, Hudson High School posted at Albany Times Union 6/11/10

This past Saturday night, June 5, was Hudson High School’s Senior Prom. Almost everything was normal: Girls wore dresses that cost a fortune, boys got tuxes to match, and Prom King and Queen were elected. However, something was different this year. For the first time, two males took the coveted elected positions.

While in class with one of their favorite teachers, Felicia Near, they tossed around the idea of running together as King and Queen. Both are gay, however, they’re not a couple. They wanted to do something that had never been done before, but they didn’t realize how big a deal their election would be. Principal Steven Spicer granted them permission to run together. ”Spicer is so supportive,” Ferrusi explained.

While the overwhelming response to the election results has been positive, there has been a decent amount of negativity surrounding the entire process. Before running, some students asked Howard, “You don’t have a vagina, why are you running for queen?” A handful of parents are outraged with the situation. Some are writing negative posts on Facebook, and others are accusing Spicer of being gay, Ferrusi explained. Still others are convinced that the voting was rigged. ”They’ll say anything to make it look like we lost but they can’t take away our crowns,” he said.

It is a coincidence [sic] that Howard and Ferrusi are making headlines just weeks before Hudson’s first Pride Day. Victor Mendolia, 49, Chairman of the Hudson City Democrats, and involved coordinator for Hudson Pride, is helping the two out with the large media influx. “There were so many media calls coming in and they were overwhelmed,” Mendolia said. As a person who has a lot of experience dealing with the press, he wanted to make them feel comfortable. Ferrusi and Howard will be the Grand Marshal for Hudson Pride on June 20, as well as Capital Pride 2010 Parade in Albany on June 13.

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High School Principal Steven Spicer and gay pride parade organizer Trixie Starr posing for pictures after a press conference Thursday. (David Lee/Hudson-Catskill Newspapers)

From "NEW: The prom story heard around the world" by Jamie Larson, Hudson Register-Star 6/11/10

Hudson High School officials held a press conference Thursday in front of the school to further solidify their support for this year’s prom royalty.

Attending the conference was Hudson Pride parade and celebration head organizer, and drag queen, Trixie Starr, who announced that Ferrusi and Howard will be the parade’s grand marshals. “This is a pivotal moment for Hudson,” Starr said.

“This is indeed an historic and hopefully trend-setting event,” said High School Principal Steven Spicer. “The fact that two gay students were elected by their peers to be the prom king and queen is a response on behalf of our young people to the climate of tolerance, support and acceptance we strive to create every day.”

School District Superintendent Jack Howe said Spicer, the student advisors and the students themselves have the full support from his office and the Board of Education.

Spicer said it is important for people to realize that the students didn’t make their selection to make a statement, news or history but out of love for their friends. The principal added that he saw the election of Ferrusi and Howard as a further realization of the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Hudson Mayor Richard Scalera said Thursday that he couldn’t believe that Hudson was the first city or school district to have this happen. “My first thought was Hudson has a sizable gay community,” Scalera said, “and over the years it has become more and more accepting of gay lifestyles. Obviously those sentiments have gotten to the high school.”

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