Tuesday, June 01, 2010

School Bus Driver Bullies Christian Girl: Lawsuit

[Carmel, Indiana middle] school bus video of the incident shows driver Betty Campbell calling the girl "a stupid little bigot" after the two disagreed on abortion and gay marriage.

-- From "Bus Driver Sued Over Argument With Student" posted at WXIN/KKTV 5/26/10

Campbell is also on video telling the students, she didn’t want to hear one more word about anyone going to hell if they're gay or if they're Buddhist or whatever cause it's none of your damn business.

After the students were all dropped off, Campbell returned to the girl’s home and brought her back onto the bus. The camera continues to roll as the driver berates the girl about same sex marriage.

Betty Campbell reportedly made the comments after the girl told other students on the bus they were going to hell if they believed in gay marriage. The girl's father Ed Zimmer said during a deposition, Campbell admitted under oath she had never heard those words.

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