Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Advancing Prostitution in D.C.

The "slippery slope" has been exposed in the nation's capital: Having accomplished same-sex "marriage," the sexual revolutionaries move the agenda forward.

-- From "Gay marriage? Check. Now legalized prostitution?" by Mike DeBonis, in Washington Post 6/14/10

Last weekend saw the first Capital Pride festival where same-sex couples were free to marry within city limits. That's more than enough reason to celebrate for the potent gay and lesbian activist community, which was able to cap decades of effort with an overwhelming 11-2 vote to legalize gay marriage.

Now the question for the city's activists is: Now what?

Handily, the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance -- the city's longest-running activist group -- just released its "Agenda 2010," laying out its priorities for lawmakers.

It reads, in part:
As advocates of the legalization of prostitution, we think it needs neither sanitizing nor glorifying. It is not a profession filled exclusively with people who freely chose it from a host of other options. No doubt there are some in that category, like the college student turning tricks for extra cash. But too many turn to it by necessity. These include gay teenagers who have been thrown out of the house by their parents, and transgender people whom discrimination has left with few options.
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