Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mass. Parents Force Cancellation of Obscene School Play

It's been a source of tremendous frustration and anger to parents that public school officials have been selecting increasingly vulgar and offensive plays -- many with blatant homosexual themes -- for students to act in and for the student body to watch.

Even just one set of parents can stop things if they are determined enough.

-- From "Play pulled over questionable content" by WHDH-TV7 NBC Boston 5/27/10

Outraged parents put a stop to a questionable play at Attleboro [Massachusetts] High School.

Amanda Correllus was set to direct the play “The Wedding Story,” written by Julianne Homokay this weekend.

The play was pulled after a parent of a freshman in the play found the content inappropriate for teenagers, and the Attleboro School Board agreed.

“Reading the script, many of the members felt like this was way over the top. It just contradicted all the values we’re trying to teach our kids at Attleboro,” said Attleboro School Committee Chair Raymond DiCiaccio.

DiCiaccio said the play was offensive to many minority groups.

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From "Parents get Attleboro High School to cancel offensive homosexual-themed play!" by MassResistance 5/28/10

It's a shock that any adults would do this with impressionable kids. Unfortunately, this is a reflection of the types of people who are becoming teachers and administrators and pushing their agenda with impunity.

Here's a sample of the bizarre script from "The Wedding Story":
. . . How many of those kids will live up to your version of the story? None! They can't, it's too much pressure. It's like why Catholic women are all messed up, you can't be a virgin AND be a mother.

. . . and a young, slightly effeminate man who took it up the ass once from a fellow Eagle Scout, but since it only happened once when he was 17 and drunk on Kahlua, he still considered himself straight.

. . . she felt she needed to make a legitimate relationship out of the encounter to justify the sex, even though she really prefers black men. To stay deep in the dark closet, the man proposed to the woman, and since she's 35 and, let's face it, not getting any younger, she accepted his pathetic offer because it was a real ego boost to have snagged a hot stud eleven years younger than she, even if he does have the occasional problem getting a stiffy with her because he's really gay.

. . . the Groom, unable to suppress his inner self for a moment longer, took up with a drag queen from SoHo, and the Bride, realizing she'd never be a mother, consoled herself with vodka and Xanax and died of a somewhat accidental overdose three years later. The Groom, now 27, took up wearing cowboy hats and chaps, and made the unfortunate mistake of traveling to Wyoming on business where he was dragged to his death behind a 4x4 by a bunch of homophobic rednecks.
The school at first gave them the usual runaround. They claimed the students" had chosen the play, so the adults weren't responsible. They said that although there may be "inappropriate" parts, there was a "disclaimer" in the program that the play should be considered "satirical" and that they had "revised" the script. The parents went up the chain of school officials to the school committee and would not give up. (Of course, the teachers union got involved, defending the play and claiming "censorship" by the parents.)

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