Monday, June 21, 2010

Redefining Christianity Congruent with the Liberal Media

Guaranteed to get the attention of the mainstream media is every brand of religion claiming to be Christianity that compromises the Gospel (e.g.: toward pluralism, universalism, etc.) and/or Christian leaders prone to hide from the controversy inevitable from challenging popular (sinful) culture.

-- From "Christians Find Their Voice Tackling Global Issues" by Dan Harris, Wonbo Woo and Christina Ng, ABC News 6/20/10

Could the so-called death of traditional Christian America in fact be a good thing ... for Christians? Young Christian activists who are calling for a renewal of their faith seem to think so.

"There's a new generation of Christians who are engaging the world in a different way, largely driven by the fact that we're in a different context than many Christians have had to live in, in quite some time," said Gabe Lyons, founder of Q. The website acts as a forum for people to come together and explore ideas about Christianity's role in a modern cultural context.

In what some are calling "post-Evangelicalism," a revised Christian mentality is making its way into the public forum.

If these young Christians get their way, the future perception of Christians is not as a knee-jerk association with hot-button social issues, but as a largely nonpolitical association fighting for justice, equality and the common good.

Notably missing? Abortion and same-sex marriage, the hot-button issues that surface with every election hand-in-hand with debates over the effect of "values voters."

They want to present a different and, they say, less judgmental face to the world.

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