Monday, June 07, 2010

ObamaCare Plans to Further Sexualize Children

Sexual anarchists using government control of "health care" to transform society.

-- From "Free birth control under health care?" by Sarah Kliff, Politico 6/1/10

As health reform regulations begin to take shape, Planned Parenthood has begun a quiet campaign to ensure that birth control is counted among the free preventive services that health insurers must cover under the Affordable Care Act.

Beginning Sept. 23, six months after the reform law passed, many health insurance plans will be required to provide free preventive services coverage, with no co-pays or out-of-pocket costs. During the reform debate, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) added an amendment that specified guaranteed “additional preventive care and screenings” specific to women’s health would also receive coverage. Mikulski . . . intended her amendment to cover birth control as preventive care.

What remains to be determined is what will make the “preventive services” list. For women’s health specifically, the Health Resources and Services Administration has been tasked with drawing up “comprehensive guidelines” on services to be included.

Planned Parenthood has other plans in the works, too. It might soon tap young adults . . . College campuses, too, could be fruitful territory for reproductive rights activism.

Other reproductive health groups are also at work on the issue, looking at whether emergency contraception could find a place under the new regulations. “We’re in a collation, operating on the same tasks within our community,” said Laura MacCleery, director of government relations for the Center for Reproductive Rights. “We’re actively pursuing what we think falls within the appropriate boundaries of the coverage of this amendment.”

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