Wednesday, October 07, 2009

School Superintendent's Gay Agenda Exposed in Lawsuit

Public documents now show the viciousness of a school district scorned in the case of a Chicago suburban mother suing her high school district's vengeful, openly homosexual, Superintendent

UPDATE 5/13/10: Superintendent embroiled again -- Girls Basketball

-- From "Lawsuit against District 113 rekindles debate on sexual tolerance" by Matt Kiefer, Deerfield Review, Sun-Times News Group 10/6/09

In recent weeks, new court filings have brought to light a bitter and long-standing struggle between educators preaching sexual tolerance and conservative activists who deem homosexuality immoral.

Lora Sue Hauser, a vocal critic of the district and its teaching of such works as last year's "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes," filed a lawsuit in Cook County Court last month claiming Superintendent George Fornero and DHS technology director Andy Zakszeski spread rumors and false statements about her via e-mail.

The lawsuit includes e-mail exhibits where Fornero allegedly states Hauser's Deerfield home was foreclosed upon, that a picture of Adolf Hitler was later found inside the house, and that she belongs to a hate group. Zakszeski, according to the complaint, wrote a double-entendre involving Hauser and erotic acts.

Between November 2008 and January 2009, e-mail records show Fornero forwarding the message 10 times to 16 different people -- mostly teachers, administrators and School Board members -- with comments such as "FYI," "Enjoy!" and "Check out this e-mail!"

Hauser claims her home was never foreclosed upon, that she did not own a picture of Hitler and is "of Jewish descent."

In reply to another e-mail, Fornero allegedly writes, "While I'd be sympathetic to most anyone having financial difficulties & hate to see him lose his house, this case is different. Perhaps had they spent more time working & paying the mortgage instead of attacking us, they'd still own their home. Also, don't forget they had a picture of Hitler in the basement closet!"

In another e-mail exhibit, dated May 2008, Fornero speculates on School Board politics, writing to an unidentified recipient: "Things have quieted down for now. However, we need to be alert this fall when it's time to slate Board of Education candidates. That would be terrible if one of Lora Sue's group is nominated. I'll keep you posted."

In an April 2009 e-mail exhibit, Fornero writes to an unidentified recipient who is planning to attend a diversity conference: "Be sure to sit in the hate group section. Maybe loira sue [sic] can bring her pic of hitler."

Attorney Nancy Krent, who is representing the employees, said she is confident she can put up a successful defense.

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