Saturday, October 31, 2009

Law Allows Parents to Show Their Children Pornography

A Texas mother wants change to the state law that allow parents to provide pornography to their children.

-- From "Dallas-area mother challenges Texas law allowing parents to show children pornography" by Brooks Egerton, The Dallas Morning News 10/29/09

[Crystal Buckner,] a Dallas-area mother [said] that her ex-husband faces no punishment for showing their young daughters online images of three-way adult encounters.

She's getting support from a variety of sources, including a Panhandle prosecutor who wanted to charge the man but concluded he had no way to win a case.

He recently asked the Texas attorney general's office to check his reading of the penal code section that prohibits people from providing children "harmful material" – stuff that "appeals to the prurient interest" and is "utterly without redeeming social value for minors." The law includes a defense to prosecution for parents and guardians.

State Sen. Bob Deuell, a Republican from Greenville, said he will push for change in the next legislative session.

"It's not going to be an easy issue," he said, because of concerns about parental rights.

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