Thursday, October 22, 2009

Should Children Design School Sex Education?

The liberal media and the educators are placing significance in a survey of Washington D.C. students' opinions of how to conduct health and sex education programs. In addition, the students want a different brand of condoms to be distributed.

Students don't like how nurses seem to be negative about the kids' sexcapades

UPDATE 5/24/10: Students' demands accepted -- the kids can now choose the larger magnum Trojan brand condoms . . . wonder if they'll survey who took which size?

-- From "D.C. students say schools' sex education is antiquated" by Darryl Fears, The Washington Post 10/22/09

D.C. public high school students who participated in focus groups on sexual health said they were unimpressed with the District's sex education curriculum, do not trust the school nurses who are charged with counseling them about disease prevention and disdain the brand of condoms distributed by schools.

The students, particularly girls, said they were too suspicious or embarrassed to talk to school nurses about sex or ask about condoms. "It's like talking to your mom," one student said.

Those were some of the findings of a survey conducted by the Youth Sexual Health Project, funded by the D.C. Council Committee on Health, whose chairman, council member David A. Catania (I-At Large), had a hearing on the issue Wednesday.

Researchers said the participants' responses were unusually frank and provided valuable insights into how to approach sexual health and education for teenagers who think the curriculum is antiquated and out of touch with their experiences.

Sex education and condom distribution in high schools are key, health officials say, because 13 percent of students who were screened for sexually transmitted diseases last year tested positive, according to the health department. Sexually transmitted diseases increase the risk of contracting HIV.

Students in the survey also said that school nurses were "judgmental and untrustworthy," making it unlikely that teens would seek their advice.

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