Friday, October 09, 2009

Feminization of Education is Destroying America

A sea change has occurred in the education of American women: young girls often academically out-perform boys, are more likely to succeed in college and have flooded once all-male professional schools, notably law and business.

-- From "The Feminization of American Education – Destroying Western Civilization?" by Robert Weissberg, Family Security Matters 10/2/09

For example, U.S. Census Bureau figures show that while the male and female population is about equal, males comprise some 58 percent of all high school drop-outs. Similarly, the number of females entering college between 1967 and 2000 increased by 20 percent, while the proportion of men declined by 4 percent. The American Council on Education’s statistics revealed that in 2005 women earned 57 percent of all BAs. Among African-Americans in college, females outnumber males by a 2 to 1 ratio, the highest ratio for any racial or ethnic group. In fact, at historically black colleges female graduates out-number males by 10 to 1!

Less visible is how this influx of women has shaped what might be called the “style” of knowledge creation and dissemination, and here the news may be less welcome. To be blunt, burgeoning feminization typically emasculates males and their resulting flight from education is a huge though almost invisible national loss. This is an awkward to discuss phenomenon and statistical evidence sketchy, so explication must be largely anecdotal. Still, the appalling potential consequences of feminization warrant discussion.

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