Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homosexualists Not Satisfied with Obama's Gay Agenda

As the White House strategizes a stealth implementation of the Gay Agenda upon America, homosexualist opinion leaders give Obama tepid applause, as stealth is not what they want. After all, the entire premise of the Gay Agenda is for society to PUBLICLY PROCLAIM homosexual behavior as glorious.

-- From "Hate Crimes Bill Frustrates Gay Rights Pundits" by Mara Gay, The AtlanticWire 10/29/09

Sexual orientation and gender identity are now included in the definition of a federal hate crime. When President Obama signed the legislation into law Wednesday, it was widely touted as a victory for gay rights groups. The Associated Press called the legislation, "the biggest expansion of the civil-rights era law in decades."

But some pro-gay rights pundits aren't celebrating. While they applaud the legislation for helping to prosecute hate crimes, they're taking the administration to task for failing to address their broader concerns. True political courage, they say, would mean addressing discrimination, repealing the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, advocating for gay marriage, and supporting gay rights on the ballot in Maine, where it is currently in question.

* At The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan notes with frustration . . . "Their agenda for the gays is pretty much the Democratic party's: Separate, quiet . . . He's for gay rights, but not yet and shhhh!"

* The gay blog Queerty criticizes Democrats for attaching the hate crimes bill to defense spending legislation instead of championing the principle of gay rights on its own.

* At The Atlantic, Chris Geidner says ". . . will this be, like so often in legislative struggles, the single trinket doled out to a loyal constituency group until the next time the group demands action?"

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