Sunday, October 18, 2009

Contraceptive Failures: 1/3 French Pregnancies Unplanned, Most Aborted

Despite expanded use of a variety of contraceptives in France, unplanned pregnancies common

-- From "French Abortions Do Not Decrease Despite Increase in Contraception: Study" by James Tillman, 10/8/09

According to a new study by the French National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED), although the number of unplanned pregnancies in France has fallen, the number of abortions in such cases has increased, reports the Monde Actu 24h/24.

Unplanned pregnancies fell from 46% to 33% from 1975 to 2004, ostensibly due to use of contraceptives, according to the study, but the number of abortions of such pregnancies increased from 40% to 60% over the same period.

Over 40% of French women have an abortion at least once in their life.

The study says that women using contraception have a greater desire to control their fertility and thus are more likely to abort a child who is not consistent with their plans.

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From "Despite Widespread Contraceptive Use, 1/3 of Pregnancies in France ‘Unplanned,’ New Study Confirms" by Karen Schuberg, 10/16/09

Despite the legalization of contraception in France in 1967 and its widespread use in the country today, the number of “unplanned pregnancies” there is 36 percent, according to a new study.

In its study, “After 40 Years of Contraceptive Freedom, Why So Many Unplanned Pregnancies in France?” the Institut National D’Etudes Demographiques (National Institute of Demographics Studies) concluded that despite “improved fertility control, one-third of pregnancies in France are unintended.”

The percentage of French women who use the contraceptive pill is around 60 percent today.

The report said: “The propensity to terminate an unwanted pregnancy seems to have increased in parallel with the progress of birth control. As planned childbearing became the norm, unintended pregnancies became increasingly difficult to accept.”

“It has become ‘normal’ to be free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy,” the report stated. “More than 8 births in 10 today are ‘planned,’ sometimes down to the finest detail.”

[Joseph Meaney, a spokesman for Human Life International, a Catholic pro-life organization, told] “Alan Guttmacher, founder of the research arm of Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute, admitted some time ago that the widespread use of contraception would lead to an increase, not a decrease, in recourse to abortion because all forms of contraception fail in some cases, and abortion would be needed to ‘be a back-up’ for contraception.”

Meaney added that the paradoxical effect of increased contraceptive use on rising abortion figures “matches precisely the then-mocked predictions of Pope Paul VI in his controversial 1967 encyclical, Humanae Vitae.”

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