Monday, October 19, 2009

Planned Parenthood 'Special Forces' Raid Schoolyards

America's educators bring the top abortion provider into schools to sexualize children starting in Kindergarten, then recruit and train teens to teach other children the art of casual sex.

. . . yet they say that Christians' emphasis on abstinence is stupid!

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-- From "FYI Peer Education Program" on the Planned Parenthood website

FYI began in 2008 with a group of high school students dedicated to providing their peers with accurate sexual health information. The purpose of the program is to train Knoxville-area teens to become peer educators who will in turn help other teens avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by making healthy decisions.

The teens are required to attend 40 hours of training/skills building, complete 100 informal educational contacts with their peers and complete a community service project.

The FYI teens accomplish the goals of the program by responding accurately to questions from their peers about family communication, decision making, human sexuality, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, community resources and more. They encourage their peers to engage in healthy behaviors that avoid teen pregnancy and STIs.

Posted at the Knoxville News Sentinel by Olivia Spooner, Advocacy Coordinator for FYI, Knoxville 10/19/09
I am a Knoxville teen involved in Planned Parenthood’s peer education program, FYI.

We work to get teens information to help them in their personal, sexual health. A nationwide study found that teens who had comprehensive sexual education were less likely to become pregnant than teens who had no sex education or were in abstinence-only programs.

. . . President Barack Obama [is] supporting medically accurate, age-appropriate sex education that helps reduce teen pregnancy and prevent STIs.

This month, Planned Parenthood is urging everyone to participate in community events with the theme “Sex Ed: Protecting our Future,” and help our goal to fully fund comprehensive sexuality education. Our group, FYI, will be doing advocacy events to promote comprehensive sexual education. We hope you will join us in the effort.

From "Planned Parenthood Teaches Sex Ed Classes in Cleveland Public Schools" by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer 10/19/09
A sex ed administrator with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District says that half of the “Responsible Sexual Behavior” classes for 9th and 10th grade students are taught by Planned Parenthood personnel.

"Planned Parenthood is one of our partners that teaches about 50 percent of our 9th and 10th graders,” Lita-Marie Townsen told She made the comment at an event on Capitol Hill last week where sex education activists pushed for federal funding of programs that do not focus solely on marriage and heterosexual couples.

Townsend told that Planned Parenthood is one of 20 agencies named as medical resources in a handout given to students.

Literature distributed at the event about the Cleveland sex education curriculum states that the K-12 Responsible Sexual Behavior Education Initiative was approved by the school board in 2002 as part of a Comprehensive Health Plan.

The “Responsible Sexual Behavior” sex education program begins in kindergarten with the “All About Life” curriculum, which is taught through 3rd grade.

Kindergarteners are asked to define the word “family,” identify family members and relationships with family members, explain how families are alike/different and “describe the difference between good and bad touch.”

Third graders are asked to define “puberty,” “self-esteem,” and “appropriate touch.”

The “F.L.A.S.H.” program for grades four, five and six includes students being asked to “identify common gender stereotypes” and “identify who is at risk for HIV/AIDS and other STDs, and how disease transmission can be prevented, including abstinence and consistent, correct condom use.”

According to its 2007-2008 annual report, Planned Parenthood received $349.6 million in federal grants and contracts that year.

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