Monday, June 15, 2009

'Church' of Sweden to Bless Same-sex 'Marriage'

The Central Board of Church of Sweden has proposed to change its ecclesiastical constitution to be consistent with the new marital law.

Arch Bishop Anders Wejryd says love takes priority over Commandments and biblical prohibitions.

-- From "Same sex marriage suggested by board of Church of Sweden" by David Jonasson, Stockholm News 6/13/09

In the proposition to the Church Assembly it is emphasised that: “the marriage, according to the Evangelical Lutheran view, is a social institution regulated by public authorities. From a perspective of theology of creation, the marriage has the purpose to support the internal relation between spouses and give a safe setting for the children growing up”.

“When the Church of Sweden sides on the issue of same sex marriage, the most relevant question is if this hurt or helps people. The Church of Sweden want to support faithful relationships”, Wejryd writes in a press release.

The Church of Sweden is the largest church in Sweden. Until 2000 it held the position of state church.

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