Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boston Mayor Promotes Deviant Sex to Children

The government-sanctioned Youth Pride Day on May 9th included a prom held at the Boston City Hall and a proclamation by Mayor Thomas Menino celebrating events targeting children as young as 12 by adult homosexualists, crossdressers, sexual bondage instructors, and more.

This is the direct result of the liberalization of laws regarding homosexuality that have required teaching deviant sex as normal in schools. Same-sex unions/"marriage" and domestic partnership laws are sweeping the nation, and President Obama heralds deviant sex as well.

-- From "Kids attend prom from 'sexual hell'" by Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDaily 6/12/09

The day's events began with a transgender Elvis and a parade. Attendees were given condoms and pro-homosexual material such as a bookmark for kids on how to get involved with several homosexual groups and "Transgender Rights Now" stickers. Then many children attended the prom that evening at City Hall.

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NOTE: In this video, the person on the stage with the camera is a man dressed as a woman.