Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Christians Arrested at Twin Cities Homosexual Festival

Born-again Christians were arrested for distributing Bibles without permission from the homosexualists, unlike the previous eleven years when their evangelism was tolerated.

-- From "Bible-Dispensing Family Arrested At Pride Festival" WCCO-TV 6/27/09

Minneapolis Police arrested three people from Hayward, Wis. for trespassing.

For 11 years, Brian and Doris Johnson have passed out free Bibles at the festival.

This year, they were not allowed to have a booth.

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From "Bible Vendor Blocked From Pride Festival In Mpls." WCCO-TV 6/27/09

In past years, [Homosexualists] Pride has attracted all sorts of people for the camaraderie and the big parade. There are always hundreds of vendors. But this year, a couple who's had a booth for the past decade isn't allowed.

[Homosexualists] Pride organizers are cracking down and enforcing the vendor rules. As vendors set up for the Pride Festival, this booth with its signs about Jesus, models of fetuses and stack of bibles won't be there this year.

"What we do is we have two signs on our table, one says 'free bibles' and one says 'who is Jesus?' That's the content. That's what we want to talk about. We're not wanting to talk about homosexuality," said vendor applicant Brian Johnson.

While they do not behave violently, their display and discussions do offend some and have even incited participants to rip up their bibles. Because of that, the new festival management wouldn't approve their application this year.

There are many organizations including churches in the area that are affirming of the [homosexual] GLBT community. But festival organizers say the Johnsons are not.

While the Johnsons did sign the festival's anti-discrimination statement, signing is not enough.

[Homosexualists] Pride has paid a fee to rent the whole park. According to Minneapolis Parks, in that case, Pride does have the right to choose which vendors are allowed.

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