Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elementary School Kids Recruited by Homosexualists for 'Pride Parade'

Nettelhorst Elementary, of the Chicago School District, claims to "show solidarity" with its surrounding east Lakeview homosexual community by being the first "public school to march in the city's gay pride parade."

". . . many parents, both straight and gay, say the reaction has been surprisingly muted."

(photo: a topless man, now surgically "equipped" as a woman)
UPDATE 6/24/10: Nettelhorst proudly advertises it's participation in the 2010 parade

-- From "Chicago school to march in Pride Parade" By Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune reporter 6/25/09

Amy Goodman [will] be in the parade at noon Sunday with her husband, towing their 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in a wagon bedecked in rainbows

Brad Rossi agrees as well. He'll be there with his partner and their 7-year-old daughter, along with more than 50 other families from Nettelhorst whose presence marks the latest expansion of a parade that began in the 1970s with drag queens and gay activists and has grown to reveal the full spectrum of the city's diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

In this, the 40th annual Pride Parade, there will be gay Democrats and gay Republicans, gay business people and gay artists, seniors and teens and Christians and veterans -- and, as always, drag queens and activists.

"We've never had a grammar school, or a school for that matter," said Richard Pfeiffer, who has coordinated the parade since 1974. "The remarkable thing about the gay pride parade is that it's the one day that you get that full cross-section of the GLBT community. We're young, we're old and a growing portion of our community now has children. And I think that has often gone unnoticed."

That's why the Nettelhorst contingent will be near the front.

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