Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Legalizes Same-sex 'Marriage' via Passports

The Obama administration has agreed to let same-sex couples use their spouse’s surname when they apply for passports from the US State Department . . .

UPDATE 2/23/11: Obama declares that Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

-- From "Same-sex couples allowed to use spouses' surnames on passports" by John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Staff 6/18/09

A gay married couple [sic], Al and Keith Toney, joined the group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders [GLAD] in challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed during the Clinton administration, in federal court in Boston.

One issue the couple and GLAD raised was the State Department’s refusal to allow Keith Toney - his name before marriage was Keith Fitzpatrick - to seek a new passport under his spouse’s surname.

In a letter dated June 15, the US Justice Department notified GLAD and the Toneys that the prohibition has been stricken from federal rules. Keith Toney was invited to apply for a new passport and was also told the normal fees will be waived. He will file the paperwork June 22, GLAD said.

Mary L. Bonauto, lead counsel for GLAD, welcomed the shift by the current administration, but urged a more sweeping rejection of the federal [Defense of Marriage Act -- DOMA].

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