Friday, April 15, 2016

Tenn. School Defies Gay Agenda Intimidation Tactic

Despite state-wide and national pressure by threatening homosexualists, the Franklin County (Tennessee) School Board stood firm this week and voted just shy of unanimity to require parental approval of any student admittance to extracurricular clubs, which is likely to terminate the newly-created Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club.
"For my children, myself and what I truly believe is the majority of residents in Franklin County, I will not be browbeaten, threatened or bullied into compromising my values or belief system."
-- Chris Guess, school board member
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-- From "Franklin Co. board requires permission to join GSA, other clubs" by Brian Wilson, The Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, TN) 4/13/16

Critics have called for clubs with religious or sexual intents to not be allowed at public schools, while supporters have said the club provides a safe place for people to be themselves that can only be provided in an extracurricular setting.

The new opt-in policy would likely require major efforts and paperwork to enforce the policy in the county, said Chris Sanders, the executive director of Tennessee Equality Project, which has been following the debate.

State law allows parents to opt their children out of extracurricular activities. The Franklin County rules would require a signed and dated form from a parent or guardian before the student could become a member of the club or organization.

The school board also approved a policy that would allow a school principal to revoke a club's status if the organization failed to "comply with board policy and administrative standards."

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From "Extra-curricular clubs: School Board affirms parental approval" by Brian Justice, Winchester Herald Chronicle 4/11/16

The controversy over the club has filled the past several School Board meetings.

[Board Member Chris] Guess said Monday the circumstances had become personally threatening toward him through emails he has received about the issue. He said his job status and livelihood were brought into question over his stance about requiring parents to opt their children into extracurricular clubs.

He said the Gay-Straight Alliance Club was founded over a concern about bullying, yet the tactics being used by supporters against those in opposition were, in essence, bullying.

Dr. Amie Lonas, the school system’s director, said working out the details to implement the change could take several months, but the new policy should be fully in place by July 1 when the school system’s new fiscal year begins.

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From "Tenn. parents fight Gay-Straight Alliance in high school" posted at CBS News 2/9/16

At a school board meeting [in February], resident Robert Widelick took to the microphone and said he doubted the [GSA] agenda that he claims they're trying to impose on people who attend their meetings.

"There's really no place for discussion of sexual orientation in a public high school," Widelick said.

Dozens of supporters stood up, cheered and waved towels and signs after Widelick shared his opinion at the meeting.

Franklin County Schools Director Amie Lonas said the [GSA] organization, which was created to promote tolerance and acceptance, followed the proper procedure to establish the club. Students say it was really largely done in response to bullying. The group was granted approval to form by school officials in December.

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From "Rural school's Gay-Straight Alliance draws national eye" by Brian Wilson, The Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, TN) 2/9/16

. . . On social media, a page was created in mid-January to call for members of the Franklin County School Board to move the club off campus because of its controversial nature.

“Schools are for learning the basics we need to get a job after high school or get a secondary education,” said Chris Ball, a parent with children in Franklin County Schools. “We’re here to teach subjects, not to promote certain ways of life.”

Students had been trying to form a [LGBT advocacy] group for weeks, though it wasn’t until [faculty adviser Jennie] Turrell signed onto the group as a sponsor that the organizations finally gained momentum . . . Turrell said she’s received stacks of letters from supporters from states across the country that she’s been able to show students.

The Middle Tennessee chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network [GLSEN] also plans to have 20 people carpool to Winchester to attend the rally and meeting to support students in the club, said Justin Sweatman-Weaver, the Middle Tennessee chapter’s co-chair.

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