Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Utah Decries Porn—Causes Erectile Dysfunction etc.

Yesterday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed first-in-the-nation legislation declaring that pornography has created a “public health crisis” that impacts brain development, causes myriad disorders, and leads to a plethora of negative effects on society including addictions, violence, human trafficking and causes permanent harm to children.  Ironically, many liberal and feminist organizations are applauding this move by the oft-criticized conservative state.
“Pornography encourages viewers to view their sexual partners in a dehumanized way, and it increases the acceptance and enjoyment of sexual violence and harmful beliefs about women, sex and rape.”
-- Dawn Hawkins, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
UPDATE 8/16/16: Pornography Causes Erectile Dysfunction, Psychiatrists Say

For background, read how more and more schools incorporate pornography in the curriculum because experts say it belongs in the classroom.

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-- From "Utah leaders call pornography a public health crisis" by The Associated Press 4/19/16

A host of speakers including Gov. Gary Herbert spoke Tuesday during a ceremonial signing of a state resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. They said it warps children's minds, damages mental health, undermines marriages and contributes to sexual violence.

The non-binding declaration in the predominantly Mormon state of Utah doesn't ban anything, but echoes concerns raised by many conservative religious groups as porn becomes more accessible on smartphones and tablets.

The Free Speech Coalition, an adult entertainment trade group, called it an "old-fashioned" morals bill that is driven by ignorance and opposition to sex education.

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From "Utah’s governor signs resolution calling porn a ‘health hazard’" by CNN Wire 4/20/16

S.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis: This resolution declares that pornography is “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.”

It also says pornography “equates violence toward women and children with sex and pain with pleasure, which increases the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse images, and child pornography.”

H.B. 155 Reporting of Child Pornography . . . requires that computer technicians who find child pornography during their work should report it to law enforcement officials. The bill further stipulates that “the willful failure to report the child pornography” would be a class B misdemeanor.

H.B. 155 also specifies that Internet service providers are not liable if the provider “reports child pornography in compliance with specified federal law.”

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From "‘Evil, degrading, addictive, harmful’: Utah officially deems porn a public health crisis" by Niraj Chokshi, Washington Post 4/19/16

[State senator] Todd Weiler, the resolution’s chief Senate sponsor, acknowledged the ridicule he received when he first unveiled the measure, which largely focuses on pornography’s impact on children.

The resolution is non-binding and requires no public spending, so its impact rests on community action, Weiler said. Parents must make it safe for children to speak with them about pornography, he said. Communities must mobilize to limit its access, for example, in places that offer free wireless internet access.

“If a library or a McDonald’s or anyone else was giving out cigarettes to our children, we would be picketing them,” Weiler said. “And, yet, our children are accessing pornography on their tablets on these sites and we seem to be okay with that.”

“This is a $7 billion industry,” Weiler said. “Help us protect children from your evil, degrading, addictive, harmful substances. If adults want to do that, that’s their choice, but we’re talking about developing adolescent minds of our nation’s future.”

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From "Utah Governor Declares Porn A Public Health Crisis" by Katie Jerkovich, Daily Caller 4/19/16

“This isn’t just a religious moral issue,” said Republican state Sen. Todd Weiler. “Some people want to make this about sex education; no boy or girl needs to see those images to learn how families are created.”

But not everyone was in favor of the declaration. An adult entertainment trade group sent out a statement in response to the move.

“The true public health crisis are socially conservative politicians like these who have fought adequate, science-based sexual health education for over 35 years,” said the Free Speech coalition.

“We should live in a society where sexuality is spoken about openly, and discussed in nuanced and educated ways, and not stigmatized.”

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From "Is porn immoral? That doesn’t matter: It’s a public health crisis." by Gail Dines, professor of sociology at Wheelock College in Boston, posted at Washington Post 4/8/16

. . . no matter what you think of pornography (whether it’s harmful or harmless fantasy), the science is there. After 40 years of peer-reviewed research, scholars can say with confidence that porn is an industrial product that shapes how we think about gender, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, sexual violence and gender equality — for the worse. By taking a health-focused view of porn and recognizing its radiating impact not only on consumers but also on society at large, Utah’s resolution simply reflects the latest research.

Extensive scientific research reveals that exposure to and consumption of porn threaten the social, emotional and physical health of individuals, families and communities, and highlights the degree to which porn is a public health crisis rather than a private matter. But just as the tobacco industry argued for decades that there was no proof of a connection between smoking and lung cancer, so, too, has the porn industry, with the help of a well-oiled public relations machine, denied the existence of empirical research on the impact of its products.

Because so much porn is free and unfiltered on most digital devices, the average age of first viewing porn is estimated by some researchers to be 11. In the absence of a comprehensive sex-education curriculum in many schools, pornography has become de facto sex education for youth. . . .

As the evidence piles up, a coalition of academics, health professionals, educators, feminist activists and caregivers has decided that they can no longer allow the porn industry to hijack the physical and emotional well-being of our culture. . . .

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