Thursday, April 07, 2016

Gay Agenda Quiz Guilts Florida Middle Schoolers

Yoselis Ramos, a now-suspended, first-year Spanish teacher at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County Public Schools) gave a quiz to pre-teens intended to "teach diversity" by forcing students to categorize themselves by "status of privilege."  The quiz equated being born male or female, or a particular skin color, with "being" homosexual or transgender — implying that sexually immoral behavior is genetic (which scientifically is NOT factual).

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-- From "Tampa teacher disciplined over 'privilege' form" by Avery Coffman, WTSP-TV10 (St. Petersburg, FL) 4/7/16

The form was handed out in a Spanish class to seventh- and eighth-graders. At the top, the form asked, "How privileged are you?"

Regina Stiles' daughter is in the class. When her daughter came to the "Disability" column, she had to reveal that she had ADHD.

Other sections included religion and gender where kids were asked to circle "Cisgender," "Transgender" or "GenderQueer."

After Stiles along with several other angry parents questioned the principal, he launched an investigation.

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From "Public School Teacher Gives ‘Privilege’ Survey To SEVENTH GRADERS — IN SPANISH CLASS" by Eric Owens, Education Editor, Daily Caller 4/7/16

The three sex-related columns [on the categorization form] — “Sex,” Gender” and “Sexual Orientation” — offer an array of choices for the seventh-grade and eighth-grade students including “Intersex,” “Cisgendered,” “Transgendered,” Genderqueer” and “Pansexual.”

People are “cisgender” if their stated gender matches their physical sex. The word means normal. “Intersex” is the very rare condition of having genitals that aren’t wholly male or female. “Pansexual” means feeling sexual attraction toward all genders and gender identities. (It’s way broader, apparently, than merely bisexual.) “Genderqueer” means subjectively feeling that traditional boy/girl norms don’t apply to you because you are a special snowflake.

School district spokeswoman Tanya Arja assured WTSP [TV-10] that the survey is not part of the official Hillsborough County Public Schools curriculum.

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Also read the extent of sexualization in America's public schools:  It flows from the top, including President Obama's demand for communal nudity in schools by forcing the Gay Agenda on schools using taxpayer dollars; and it comes from elite educators who teach kids how to be homosexual including teaching kindergartners about sex change as well as homosexual teachers indoctrinating 8-year-olds, and teachers training pre-teens in masturbation; and schools even hire abortionists and sex workers to teach sex education, while judges rule abstinence education illegal, so it's no surprise that this public school sexualization is making criminals of children nationwide.