Sunday, April 17, 2016

Student Walk-out vs Gay Agenda: N. Carolina Prayer

Christian students at East Wilkes High School in Ronda, North Carolina walked out to demonstrate God's disapproval of the Gay Agenda "Day of Silence" — when public schools across America indoctrinate students with deviant sexual behavior.
“If they can press up on the young people in our schools to be quiet and be silenced for a whole day of school, surely to God, we as God’s people can lift up our voices to an almighty God.”
-- Rev. Curtis Ponder, Maple Springs Baptist Church, Ronda, NC

“We’ve got slammed for hating on homosexuals and that’s not true, God loves everyone. We think homosexuality is wrong, which in our beliefs, it is. But, it’s not the people, it’s the lifestyle.”
-- Ben Calloway, freshman
For background, read about 'Day of Silence' indoctrination.

-- From "Prayer vigil held in response to LGBT day of silence outside local school campus" by Michael Hennessey, WGHP-TV8 (Greensboro / Winston-Salem, NC) 4/15/16

About 100 people joined in, on the outskirts of the East Wilkes High School campus in Ronda, including students from the school.

“A gang of youth that walked out of class, walked out of school, to show their support and to show their love of their God,” said Curtis Ponder, pastor of the Maple Springs Baptist Church in Ronda.

The discussion and prayer continued for about 15 minutes, with Ponder saying that was the amount of time allotted to the students by East Wilkes Principal Jodi Weatherman.

“My heart and my intentions of being here today is not controversial, it’s not a show of anything mean, anything lewd,” Ponder said.

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From "Parents Threaten 'Walk Out' Over Middle School's LGBT 'Acceptance Week'" by Samuel Smith, Christian Post Reporter 4/4/16

Parents at Windmere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon, California [a suburb of San Francisco], have launched an online petition against the school's LGBT acceptance week, which is scheduled to begin Monday, April 11.

The petition adds that the parents "are not against the LGBTQ" but there are a number of concerns with the acceptance week that have not been addressed.

The petition further explains that the parents want to be assured that the lessons being taught during LGBT acceptance week will not include "condemnation for differing religious values or practices."

The parents fear that the school will use LGBT acceptance week as an outlet to indoctrinate their children.

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