Thursday, April 21, 2016

Notre Dame Honors Pro-abortion VP—Students Protest

Notre Dame students say they will skip the May 15th commencement ceremonies if the university awards the Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden or former Speaker of the House John Boehner because neither self-proclaimed Catholic politicians' actions warrant the honor.
“I don't think it makes sense to honor politicians for being politicians, but divorce that from the actual things they've done in office.”
-- Tom Bradley, student

“The purpose is to give it to someone who's been a faithful Catholic and has served the church in public life. And I don't believe that either of these two have done that exceptionally well.”
-- Hailey Vrdolyak, student
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-- From "Notre Dame students hold pro-life prayer service in response to Laetare Medal controversy" by Michelle Beck, WNDU-TV16 (South Bend, IN) 4/18/16

Students argued that although both men are Catholic, they don't have a strong record of supporting pro-life legislation.

In an afternoon of prayer and songs near the grotto, the students say they think the university should honor more deserving candidates.

Notre Dame leaders say the award is not an endorsement of either man's political beliefs, but is a celebration of their ability to compromise and work together in DC.

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From "Pro-Life Students Hold Prayer Vigil to Protest Notre Dame Honoring Joe Biden, John Boehner" by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter 4/18/16

[Last Sunday, about 100] Pro-life students at Notre Dame University held a prayer vigil to showcase their opposition to the Catholic school honoring Vice President Joe Biden and former House Speaker John Boehner due to the two politicians' views on abortion and the death penalty.

According to the Notre Dame Students for Life's official club statement, "by awarding the Laetare Medal to these leaders, the university has in fact compromised its Catholic identity."

"Vice President Biden has supported pro-choice politics, the death penalty and therapeutic cloning of embryos. While former Speaker of the House John Boehner is pro-life on the issue of abortion, he, too, has supported the death penalty," stated the club.

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From "Notre Dame students holding ‘prayerful protest’ this weekend over Biden award" by Claire Chretien, LifeSiteNews 4/15/16

The student groups Notre Dame Right to Life, the Identity Project of Notre Dame, the Irish Rover student newspaper, Militia of the Immaculata, Jus Vitae, the St. Thomas More Society, and the Catholic Graduate Community are sponsoring the event, during which prayers will be offered “for a greater respect for human life, and especially for Notre Dame's commitment to its Catholic identity and to protecting the sanctity of life at all stages.”

[Bishop Kevin] Rhoades said bestowing the Laetare Award on Biden could “provoke scandal” by giving the impression “that one can be ‘a good Catholic’ while also supporting or advocating for positions that contradict our fundamental moral and social principles and teachings.”

“I also question the propriety of honoring a public official who was a major spokesman for the redefinition of marriage,” Rhoades said. “The Church has continually urged public officials, especially Catholics, of the grave and clear obligation to oppose any law that supports or facilitates abortion or that undermines the authentic meaning of marriage. I disagree with awarding someone for ‘outstanding service to the Church and society’ who has not been faithful to this obligation.”

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From "Jenkins defends Laetare Medal decision" by Katie Galioto, The Observer (ND student newspaper) 4/15/16

[University President Fr. John Jenkins said,] “. . . I thought it was an opportunity to recognize people who had risen to the very highest level of political leadership. For their dedication to public service, their willingness to work with others for the common good, we recognize them with the Laetare.”

“I do want, with this award, to fight against the tendency that those who disagree with us are necessarily evil or worthy only of our disdain,” he said. “We can disagree — and even disagree on significant moral issues — and still find laudable qualities in those with whom we disagree.”

“I’m certainly not saying that I support all the Vice President’s positions,” he said. “But I do find, in the record, that he took account of his Catholic faith, even while trying to make decisions on legislation — that’s often complex in a nation on issues on which the nation is deeply divided.”

Ultimately, Jenkins said he thinks a public servant can exemplify what it means to be a Catholic leader, regardless of his or her political affiliation.

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From "The Little Sisters vs. Notre Dame" by William McGurn, Wall Street Journal 4/4/16

[The Little Sisters of the Poor were] at Notre Dame to accept an award from the Center for Ethics and Culture for their work upholding the worth and dignity of every human life.

The Little Sisters are front and center in the challenge to the Affordable Care Act mandate that requires them to change their health-care plan to offer employees contraceptives, sterilization procedures and abortion-inducing drugs—all contrary to Catholic teaching. The Little Sisters argue the administration is forcing them to choose between their faith and the loving care they provide men and women too old or too poor to care for themselves.

. . . Not only does Vice President Biden have a long and loud public record in opposition to Catholic teaching on abortion and marriage, he is the second-highest official in an administration that Notre Dame has accused in court of forcing it to “violate its own conscience.”

. . . All in all, it’s a sad message Notre Dame sends: Principles are a fine thing—just don’t let them get in the way of a comfortable place in society.

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