Sunday, April 03, 2016

Illinois Fines Business $80K for Being Christian

Jim and Beth Walder, the owners of Timber Creek Bed & Breakfast near Paxton, Illinois, have been fined $80,000 by the state Human Rights Commission after being singled out in 2011 by homosexual men demanding their same-sex ceremony be officiated in the Walder's facility.  The Commission ordered the Walders to "cease and desist" from quoting the Bible to same-sex couples and welcome ceremonies of abomination in their facility in accordance with the Human Rights Act and pay the homosexuals $30,000 plus another $50,000 to the ACLU for legal fees.
"To be absolutely clear, we cannot host a same-sex wedding even though fines and penalties have been imposed by the Illinois Human Rights Commission. Our policy will not be changing. . . . We are not looking for a fight, but when immoral laws are purposely passed (or deemed constitutional) that blatantly conflict with God's Word and when the heavy hand of government tries to force us as Christians to embrace sinful behavior, we have a moral obligation to resist and stand for Biblical truth:  'It is better to obey God than men.' Acts 5:29."
-- Jim Walder
For background, read the history of homosexualists targeting Christians in Illinois in this manner.

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-- From "Illinois inn fined for refusing to host gay civil union ceremony" by Reuters 3/29/16

[Michael R. Robinson, an] administrative law judge with the [Illinois] commission ordered TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast to pay $15,000 each to Todd and Mark Wathen for emotional distress.

TimberCreek, located about 100 miles south of Chicago, must also pay $50,000 in attorneys' fees and $1,218.35 in costs.

The Wathens had contacted TimberCreek in 2011 as they looked for possible locations for the ceremony.

TimberCreek owner Jim Walder had responded to the Wathens' inquiry with an email that said "homosexuality is immoral and unnatural," according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

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From "B&B ordered to pay $80,000 over refusal to host civil-union ceremony in 2011" by Will Brumleve, Editor, Ford County Record, posted at Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette 3/29/16

In September, [Judge] Robinson ruled that Jim Walder violated the civil rights of the Wathens when he denied them the opportunity to hold their civil-union ceremony at the B&B he co-owns with his wife — the TimberCreek Bed-and-Breakfast west of Paxton.

The landmark ruling marked the first time that the Human Rights Commission made clear that businesses in Illinois must serve the entire public and cannot pick and choose based on their personal religious views.

Following a public hearing held last November in Springfield to consider damages to be awarded to the couple, ACLU attorneys for the Wathens filed briefs to support the couple's request for a "cease and desist" order and for Walder to pay damages for emotional distress, attorneys' fees and costs. Lawyers for the B&B failed to respond in a timely matter, leading to the judge's ruling.

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From "B&B ordered to pay damages to same-sex couple, stop discriminating" by Will Brumleve, Ford County Record 3/29/16

The Wathens said they never contacted another B&B [other than Walder's]. They ended up being wed in a small ceremony on June 4, 2011, in their back yard . . .

Walder said in an emailed statement Tuesday that his B&B will not host civil-union ceremonies or same-sex weddings, regardless of last week’s ruling.
“Evidently, religious freedom does not exist within the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act or the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act.

“In our opinion, neither the state of Illinois nor the U.S. Supreme Court has the authority to tamper with the definition of marriage. God alone created marriage and declared thousands of years ago that it was to be between a man and a woman. Not two men. Not two women. We may be out of step with an increasingly anti-Christian culture, but we are in compliance with God’s design, and that is what ultimately matters.”
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From "Further refusals could cost B&B owner more; he won't change stance" by Nicole Lafond, Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette 4/1/16

University of Illinois law Professor Robin Wilson, an expert on the intersection of religious freedom and same-sex marriage, said the penalties the state could impose upon TimberCreek Bed-and-Breakfast owner Jim Walder include placing a lien on his personal estate.

"Every time he refuses," Wilson said, "the state can fine him again."

If Walder opts to fight the state ruling, Wilson said, he must file an appeal within 14 days. Since it was made by a single judge, Walder could request a rehearing by either a three-person panel or the full commission within 30 days. If six of the 13 commissioners grant a rehearing, the original order is nullified, pending the results of the rehearing.

If that doesn't go well, Walder "can jump right back over to the appellate court," Wilson said. In either case, though, "he's got hanging around his neck factual findings that they are going to assume are true," she said.

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From "Discrimination Charge" posted at Timber Creek Bed & Breakfast

We politely disagree.  God is not confused.  His Word clearly illustrates and declares that marriage is between one man and one woman.  It also labels homosexuality as an abominable sin throughout the Old and New Testaments.  God's Word is the ultimate authority, infallible, and unchanging.  It is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  His Word cannot be changed by a vote of the Illinois General Assembly when it passed the Civil Unions Act or the Gay Marriage Bill.  Marriage is only appropriate God's way.  Sexuality is only appropriate God's way.

Consequently, we cannot host civil unions or gay marriages at TimberCreek Bed & Breakfast.  It is not an issue of fairness or equality, but an issue of right and wrong.  We cannot be part of what God condemns.  Be assured that we are not lawless, hateful, judgmental, bigoted, or activists by any definition.  We did not initiate the present controversy.  We are not the ones who voted to change the 6,000 year-old definition of marriage.  We are just small business owners trying to be consistent in following God's Word and living it out practically in our lives.  And we are not alone. . . .

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