Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hillary Fights AIDS, Embraces Homosexuality

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, announced her goal of an “AIDS-free generation” by employing EVERY means possible, EXCEPT for sexual morality. Secretary Clinton named lesbian celebrity Ellen DeGeneres as Special Envoy for Global AIDS Awareness, but never mentioned that male homosexual behavior was the origin of the AIDS pandemic and remains responsible for spreading the disease.

For background, read Majority of New HIV Cases from Homosexual Behavior and also read Fed Study: HIV/AIDS = Homosexual Behavior

-- From "Hillary Clinton calls for ‘AIDS-free generation’" by Rob Stein, Washington Post 11/8/11

In a highly promoted speech at the National Institutes of Health, Clinton said scientific advances led by the United States have provided the tools to minimize the spread of the deadly virus.

The speech was hailed by public health advocates.

Since the deadly pandemic began 30 years ago, more than 60 million people have been infected with HIV worldwide and more than 30 million have died. An estimated 34 million people are living with the virus. About 2.6 million people get infected each year, but the numbers of infections and deaths have been falling.

Experts estimate the cost to be as much as $26 billion annually by 2015 and perhaps $35 billion a year by 2031. About $16 billion a year is being spent on such AIDS prevention now. But the amount of spending has been dropping worldwide.

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From "Hillary Clinton’s ‘Major Address’ on Fighting Global HIV/AIDS Doesn’t Mention High-Risk Gay Sex Practices" by Penny Starr, 11/9/11

[Secretary Clinton's] 4,000-word speech did not reference what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says account for 61 percent of the approximately 50,000 new HIV infections in the United States each year: male-to-male sexual contact between homosexual or bi-sexual men.

. . . Clinton’s remarks on the history of the disease did not mention its genesis in male homosexuals in the United States.

The only reference Clinton made in her speech to sex was when she called for “repealing laws that make people criminals simply because of their sexual orientation.”

According to the CDC, in the United States in 2009, 23,846 males were diagnosed with HIV resulting from male-to-male sexual conduct. Some 12,860 heterosexuals were infected from sexual contact and 131 cases were transmitted from mother to child in the womb. The number of people in the “other category,” which includes blood transfusions, was 76.

Also, according to the CDC, men who have sex with men, or MSM, “account for just 2% of the U.S. population, but accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections in 2009. MSM accounted for 49% of people living with HIV infection in 2008 (the most recent year prevalence data are available).”

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From "Ellen DeGeneres named global envoy for AIDS awareness" posted at Reuters 11/9/11

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been named Special Envoy for Global AIDS Awareness by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who tapped the comedian's celebrity in the ongoing fight against AIDS.

"The enormous platform of your television show and your social media channels will enable you to reach millions of people with the strong and hopeful message that we can win this fight," Clinton said in a statement.

One of the first nationally known celebrities to come out as a lesbian, when she was still starring on her network sitcom, DeGeneres has worked on behalf of many humanitarian causes including anti-bullying, animal rescue and rehabilitation and breast cancer awareness.

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