Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pope in 17,000 Condoms at Museum in Wisconsin

The Milwaukee Art Museum is proudly displaying a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made from thousands of colored condoms, and although Catholics are complaining that the so-called artwork is disgusting, insulting, blasphemous, etc., no one plans violence against the museum or anyone involved.  In fact, museum memberships have dramatically increased!
“Our hope is that the piece will bring not only controversy, but room for conversation—about the underlying discussion the artist intended as well as regarding the role of art in public discussion.”
-- Dan Keegan, museum director
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-- From "Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Made of Condoms Sparks Controversy in Milwaukee" by Sarah Begley, Time Magazine 6/29/15

“Eggs Benedict,” created by Niki Johnson, was purchased by a local gay rights advocate for $25,000 and donated to the museum, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. Johnson says she was inspired by the former pope’s 2009 remarks that condoms would only worsen the problem of AIDS in Africa.

While some like-minded fans of the work have called the museum in support, it has also drawn powerful critics. Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki has condemned the portrait, and his chief of staff called it “either an intentional attack on a faith tradition and its teachings or a publicity stunt for the artist.” Several longtime friends of the museum have canceled their memberships in protest, and one docent resigned.

“Eggs Benedict” is scheduled to go on display this November after renovations are completed on the museum’s collections galleries; the institution is considering presenting an interfaith panel on debate around the work.

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From "Controversial Condom Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI Displayed by Milwaukee Art Museum, Catholics Call It 'Attack on Faith'" by Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post Reporter 6/30/15

The museum reportedly noted that it has received over 200 complaints about the portrait, and said that a handful of patrons have dropped their membership as a result of the controversy. It insisted, however, that the point of the art piece is to get people to think about Benedict's opposition to condoms as a method of birth control, which is a position upheld by the Vatican.

"This was never intended to be derisive, mocking or disrespectful of the pope," said museum board of trustees president Don Layden. "It was to have a conversation about AIDS and AIDS education. And my hope is when the piece appears in the museum that will be the focus of the discussion."

"Why did I buy it? I did not buy it because I thought it was beautiful," [local philanthropist and homosexualist Joseph] Pabst explained. "I bought it because I thought it was provocative and I thought it was important. ... This piece has work to do. It has to make people think and have discussions."

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From "Milwaukee Art Museum's embrace of condom portrait of pope draws disgust" by Annysa Johnson, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 6/30/15

When it was first unveiled at the Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee in 2013, the piece drew international attention — and condemnation from many quarters. Titled "Eggs Benedict," it was inspired by comments made by the pope during a 2009 visit to Africa in which he suggested that the use of condoms could exacerbate the spread of AIDS.

Controversy around the portrait subsided until news of the acquisition and planned prominent display became public June 16.

Jerry Topczewski, chief of staff for [Archbishop] Listecki, called [museum director Layden's] explanation "a smoke screen."

"What's at play here is either an intentional attack on a faith tradition and its teachings or a publicity stunt for the artist," he said. "And we would be opposed to any faith tradition or religious leader being attacked in such a way."

"It seems like in the world of art, the last bastion of acceptable prejudice is Catholic Christians," said Kathleen Arenz of River Hills, a longtime docent who expressed her disappointment to the museum.

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From "Portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made of condoms sparks debate" by Wyatt Massey, Special to CNN 6/30/15

Critics have questioned whether the museum would display a similar piece that Muslims or Jews would find offensive.

A spokeswoman said the Milwaukee museum has sold a record a number of memberships in recent days.

[Artist] Johnson said her decision to illustrate Pope Benedict with condoms was designed to normalize conversations about safe sex. She also said the resulting attention has helped her further her advocacy in this field.

Johnson recently returned from Memphis, Tennessee, where she curated Preservatif, an exhibition of condom-based artwork by 20 artists from around the country. It opened Saturday, on National HIV Testing Day.

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