Thursday, June 25, 2015

Obama's New 'Free' Sexual Mutilation: Gay Agenda

The mainstream media is cooperating with the Obama Administration to hide its latest coup on American taxpayers:  During this national homosexual "pride month" (every June), the Office of Personnel Management issued a directive to insurance companies involved with the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program requiring coverage for transgender transition including surgery of sex organs, breasts, etc.

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-- From "Obama's LGBT test: End transgender military ban" by Sarah Wheaton, Politico 6/24/15

On Tuesday, the administration announced that federal employee health plans can’t exclude coverage for gender transition. That follows up on a decision last year by Medicare to cover therapy, hormones and surgery – in response to an appeal by a 74-year-old transgender Army vet.

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From "Transition-Related Health Costs Now Covered for Trans Federal Employees" by Bil Browning, (LGBT) Advocate 6/23/15

The Obama Administration quietly announced a huge change for transgender government workers: effective January 1, 2016, insurance companies that participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program must include transition-related coverage.

The Office of Personnel Management [OPM] let word slip on Tuesday evening, in a letter to insurers instructing them that they cannot maintain blanket exclusions of the coverage.

OPM alerted insurers a year ago that it had ended its ban on transition-related coverage, but did not require carriers to provide the benefits. A few months later, OPM "strongly encouraged" companies to provide coverage, but only three carriers opted to offer the transition-related benefits.

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From "Covered Benefits for Gender Transition Services" FEHB Program Carrier Letter [to] All FEHB Carriers - U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Healthcare and Insurance Letter No. 20 (6/23/15)

Effective January 1, 2016, no carrier participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program may have a general exclusion of services, drugs or supplies related to gender transition or “sex transformations.”

This letter clarifies OPM’s earlier guidance recognizing the evolving professional consensus that treatment may be medically necessary to address a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

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