Monday, June 08, 2015

New Calif. Law: Sex Rules for High School Students

The state Senate of California unanimously passed SB 695 requiring high school students to pass a new curriculum that details the precise process for the kids to initiate sexual relations.  Students unable to engage in sex properly, according to the rules, will be barred from graduation.

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-- From "Senate Approves High School Sexual Violence Prevention Bill" by The Associated Press 6/2/15

The bill by Senate President Kevin de Leon and Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson follows legislation last year requiring all colleges receiving public funds to adopt a so-called affirmative consent standard for investigating assault allegations.

SB695 would specify that students be informed about the "Yes Means Yes" law.

Jackson, a Santa Barbara Democrat, says it's important for the state to teach students about sexual assault prevention as early as possible.

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From "California's sexual re-education camps are coming soon" by Ashe Schow Washington Examiner 6/2/15

The "yes means yes" law effectively defines every sexual encounter as rape unless you follow the law's specific requirements — or unless neither party turns the other in to police.

"As it stands, we are not doing nearly enough. We can and must educate the youth of our state, especially our young men, about affirmative consent and healthy relationships," de Leon said in a press release about the new bill. "This bill represents the next step in the fight to change behavior toward young women."

The bill now heads to the state assembly [where passage is likely].

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From "Yes Means Yes: Sex Education Has Undergone Significant Changes" by Tamiya King, Atlanta Black Star 6/6/15

. . . The bill requires high school students to take a health education class before graduating, which includes training on affirming sexual consent.

. . . The bill also states a clear definition of “consensual” as “affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.” The bill also states that “a lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.” This clause was added to the bill to emphasize that a person cannot give sexual consent when he/she is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, since these substances can cause severe lapses in judgment.

[Senate President Kevin de Leon] stated that sexual activity doesn’t begin in college. For many young people, it starts in high school, and sometimes before then. He emphasized that students’ exposure to the “yes means yes” concept should occur before they reach college. . . .

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