Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gay Agenda: IBM Boycotts Christian LA Gov. Jindal

Wielding a paltry local employment force, IBM, the former giant of America's technology industry, warned Louisiana's outspoken governor Bobby Jindal that the state had better not challenge the corporation's backing of the Gay Agenda with any notion of government-sanctioned religious liberty. IBM vice president James Driesse threatened Jindal saying that any "bill that legally protects discrimination based on same-sex marriage status is antithetical to our company's values."
"The idea that the government should be prohibited from discriminating against people simply because of their faith has been a foundational principal of our republic since its founding. It is alarming that any corporate executive would want to oppose that principle today."
-- Rep. Mike Johnson of Bossier City (author of the "Marriage and Conscience Act")
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-- From "IBM cancels ribbon-cutting because of Gov. Jindal's executive order" by Andre Moreau, WAFB-TV9 (Baton Rouge, LA) 6/19/15

IBM has cancelled Monday's ribbon-cutting for its new National Service Center in Baton Rouge because of Governor Bobby Jindal's executive order.

The event on June 22 had been reserved for months, according to several city leaders, including Davis Rhorer, executive director of the Downtown Development District.

Hours after lawmakers voted down [the HB 707] legislation on May 19, effectively killing it, Jindal issued an executive order with language that mirrored the "Marriage and Conscience Act" that was authored by Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Bossier City. The Jindal power play was met with an avalanche of negative statements against Louisiana [by homosexualists and their supporters].

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From "IBM warns Louisiana over 'religious freedom' bill" by Charles Riley, CNN Money 4/16/15

IBM has sent a letter to the governor of Louisiana warning that a pending religious freedom bill would create a hostile environment for the tech company's employees.

The letter is the latest warning from corporate America to states that are considering controversial religious freedom laws. In Indiana and Arkansas, an intense backlash has already forced lawmakers to make revisions.

Jindal, a potential Republican presidential candidate, said it's a matter of liberty.

"I think we can have religious liberty without having discrimination," he said earlier this month on NBC's Meet the Press. "I think it's possible to have both."

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From "IBM has 'strong opposition' to Louisiana religious freedom bill" by Julia O'Donoghue, The Times-Picayune 4/17/15

The religious freedom bill is designed to block the government from pulling licenses, tax benefits and the like from a company because of the owner's held view of marriage. But LGBT advocates and a few legal experts have said it would also allow businesses of any size to refuse to recognize married same-sex couples, should same-sex marriage become legal in Louisiana.

IBM's prominent, 800-job facility in downtown Baton Rouge is being built only few blocks away from the Louisiana Capitol, where the legislation will be debated. The company is also expected to bring 400 jobs to Monroe in the northern part of the state.

Jindal has responded to IBM already with a letter of his own. The governor believes Driesse is confused about what the religious freedom bill does.

Jindal goes on to say Louisiana's religious freedom bill will not legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, but rather will protect religious people from being mistreated by the government.

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From "Louisiana religious liberty bill goes down in defeat as Republicans side with LGBT activists" by Todd Starnes, 5/19/15

Louisiana Republican lawmakers sided with Democrats, big business and LGBT activists to kill a bill that would have protected individuals and religious institutions opposed to same-sex marriage.

“As a nation we would not compel a priest, minister or rabbi to violate his conscience and perform a same-sex wedding ceremony,” Jindal wrote. “But a great many Americans who are not members of the clergy feel just as called to live their faith through their businesses. That’s why we should ensure that musicians, caterers, photographers and others should be immune from government coercion on deeply held religious convictions.”

[Gov. Jindal] said he would not be deterred by corporations that were pressured by radical liberals.

“I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state: save your breath,” he wrote.

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To summarize, here are just some of the ways homosexualists retaliate against those who resist the Gay Agenda: They threaten financial ruin of businesses, and they intimidate Christian lawmakers, and they sue Christians who won't celebrate "gay weddings," and they threaten to jail pastors who won't perform "gay weddings," and they torpedo fundraising aimed at helping the Christian victims, and they commit violence, even threatening death of Christians.

And consider the "big picture:" Homosexualists say the Gay Agenda will be Complete when Christians are Muzzled and therefore, Senator Ted Cruz Says the Gay Agenda Ends Christian Liberty